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Tyre The attitudes and skills you use to smooth out and travel over the rough patches in your life. Flat tyre: Physical problems or injury. More Two Duality; relationship, indecision or making a decision; balance; male and female; two sides to an argument – or a way of comparing; opposition; the opposites such as light and darkness, harmony or conflict; parents and […] More Twine See String. More Twin There are several possibilities when you dream of a twin or twins. The first one is that it is part of you that has got split off from your main development. So they can be one of the […] More Twelve Numbers can have a personal or symbolic significance. For instance, we may have had three children, so the number three in a dream could be connected with your feelings or fears about them – but […] More Tuxedo Mostly this suggests a special occasion, or links with a past memorable occasion. The tuxedo also suggests formality, male success or strength, and sometimes authority or a leader figure. Example: My boyfriend then came down […] More
Turtle There are so many different sizes of turtles it is difficult to be specific, but turtles are creatures that can live under water and also on land. They have a protective shell they can withdraw […] More Turquoise Jewels often indicate your unconscious treasure, your integrity or sense of wholeness or the lasting parts of your nature such as the eternal or the essential core of you. For instance, ability to creatively work […] More Tunnel If the tunnel is dark, it usually signifies entering into experiences you do not understand and are not fully aware of, usually past experiences that are felt but not verbalised or made conscious yet. Entering […] More Tsunami A tsunami can indicate a tremendous and fundamental change in you. Most people now know that tsunamis are caused by massive earth changes under the sea. These changes are part of the natural order, and […] More Trunk Of Car See: Car. More Trunk Similar to a storage chest, except it may be word play indicating your physical chest. In either case it often refers to what you have stored away and perhaps forgotten. This often means the emotions […] More
Truck Anything that transports you, like a truck, a train or a car, is an image of your ability to get somewhere in life, to motivate yourself and other people. Who you are with in these […] More Trousers Pants Very frequently they depict your sexual feelings, your desires, or what you may be hiding of yourself. See: Clothes Maleness, authority, male attitudes or style of behaviour. They can also point to a form of  […] More Triangle This can indicate the three major aspects of human nature – body, personal experience, and universal consciousness. It is similar to the number three – see Three. The triangle can also refer to the ‘eternal triangle’ […] More Trespassing When you force your attentions on someone, or vice versa. Feeling that you are not respecting someone else’s boundaries or wishes – or vice versa. It could also mean you are entering someone’s private life, […] More Tree Trees The tree depicts the living structure of yourself or another person. In particular it shows not only your past in the condition of its roots and trunk, but also what you have grown into and […] More Treasure The riches of your core self – the wonder, wisdom or value of your life in its wholeness. The treasure is often something we have had to face difficulties to gain, such as personal achievement, […] More
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