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Vulture Feelings to do with waiting for someone to die, or a situation of living on the unfortunate experiences of others. Example: The Vulture is usually associated with indiscriminate overeating. This warning dream which came to […] More Voyage See: Travel; Boat. More Volcano See: Eruption. More Void The void or abyss in a dream gains its meaning largely from how you respond to it. It suggests a situation you might fall into or be lost in, but it is also space, infinity, […] More Vivisection An attack on the deeply feeling and intelligent unconscious processes of your being. The animal drives or responses in you, such as flight and fight, the urge to parent and care, are being torn apart […] More Virus Fears or feelings that are detrimental to your well-being. A hidden attack, perhaps verbally by someone you know, but you have not been aware of how deeply the influence went. It may also show feelings […] More
Virgin Birth This represents the human soul or psyche and its possibility of dropping pre-conceptions, thus attaining an inner virginity and through that being receptive to the unseen or unconscious side of self. More Virgin State of being which is free of preconceptions; receptivity; girlhood or innocence. This represents the human soul or psyche and its possibility of dropping pre-conceptions, thus attaining an inner virginity and thus being receptive to […] More Violin Your heartfelt feelings and longings. Pathos or subtle feelings. See: Music. More Violet indigo – violet This depends a great deal on what you associate with these colours. Violet: Mostly appears in dreams containing a deep sense of ones eternal nature and the life that includes, but stretches […] More Vine The connections you have with your family and ancestors; your growth or fruitfulness. It can also depict what is growing in you that relates to more than everyday life. In other words something that relates […] More Village This may represent your childhood, or relaxed feelings and sociability. If it is a place you grew up in, or lived in, then it relates to the feelings and period of your life involved. See: […] More
Victim Victimised This might be saying that you have a passive relationship with others, not acknowledging or expressing your own wants or needs. It might also be that you are victimising someone else who is not strong […] More Vibrate Vibrating Shake Shaking Vibration and shaking is movement, and movement is one of the main signs of life. Life and growth are interwoven, and one of the first signs of massive personal growth or change is shaking or […] More Vet Veterinarian The healing energies capable of helping the instinctive and unconscious self to become acceptable and functioning in conscious life. Very similar to doctor, only caring for our animal nature. Jung write of this in saying […] More Vertigo Anxieties, loss of confidence. It might also suggest you are on the verge of what you usually allow yourself to experience – the shallows of the mind. So you sense a vastness that makes you […] More Vermin The fears or anxieties you have; your sense of horror or repulsion about something, or some aspect of society or human behaviour. Irritations or thoughts that are ‘bugging’ you. Frightening or disturbing instincts or urges. More Veneer The outward self, something shallow, or that hides desires, longings, reactions, which are quite different, and of a rougher, or coarser quality. More
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