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Jury Conscience, ideas of right and wrong, attempts to make decisions. See: judge. More Jungle Eruption of urges and feelings from the unconscious – could be negative or positive depending on dream. It can be a representation of confusion, or an experience of  ‘uncivilised’ or unconscious area of your mind; maybe non […] More Jump To take a risk, a leap into a situation that is uncertain. Taking a chance. See postures movement and body language More Jumble Sale See: CharityShop. More juggler Juggling It shows an ability to deal with several things at once – keeping things in the air so to speak. It can also point to the talent or skill to have many things you are […] More Judge Your sense of whether you have acted in harmony with your best self, or with the people around you. The judge may be an inner self-criticism that you carry with you, and need to re-evaluate. […] More
Journey In general the dream journey is a comment on what is happening in your life, and how you feel about it. It may also relate to undertakings you embark on; new experiences or ways of […] More Journal Especially if it is a dream journal it represent your past present and even your future. It is like a crystal ball that you can look into and see new things all the time – […] More Joker Joker in cards represents the irrational inner self, that can take on any quality, and in itself is neither good nor bad, wise nor foolish, high nor low. See: Clown. More Jockey Ability to direct energy and instincts. The drive to win at what you are attempting. So being a jockey might link with success or failure. See: Horse. More Job The job in your dream has many connections. It can represent your feelings of social value and how you see or value yourself, as a following example explains. It can also indicate how you rate […] More Jinn Djinn Genie Shaytan A force in the natural world that is invisible. Just as in the past illness was said to be caused by spirits but is now through having powerful microscopes are seen to be caused by […] More
Jewels and Jewellery Things we, or our unconscious treasure; our integrity or sense of wholeness; the lasting parts of our nature, even the eternal aspect of self or the essential core of ourselves. For instance, ability to creatively […] More Jewellery Usually love given or received. The desire to be loved or noticed. Relations with others. Particularly memories or feelings connected with the giver, or the circumstances of getting the jewellery. Sometimes qualities you can develop, […] More Jeweller The dreamt of jeweller is someone who understand the human need to have a symbol, such as a ring or brooch to represent important parts of themselves, important ties and relationships. The jeweller is also […] More Jesus Jesus may depict in our dreams the social pressure we feel to conform to a norm, to other people’s ideas of what is morally right; a compensatory process in us to take the place of […] More Jersey Pullover Sweater The style, period and colour of the jersey or sweater are important in understanding what your dream is depicting. There is also a difference in what the jersey means in a male or female dream. […] More Jellyfish Feelings arising from the unconscious which might be painful – sting the dreamer, bring a sense of helplessness – spineless, or are from a non verbal level of memory. More
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