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Quicksand Feelings of hopelessness that undermine your plans, hopes, or efforts or fear of losing ground in competition with others, and emotions that engulf you. Quicksand may suggest losing secure footing and sinking into one’s mess […] More Queue Waiting for something you want; feelings about where you stand in relation to others; or whether you will get what you are seeking. There might also be feelings about what you deserve, or what you […] More Queen Feelings connected with your mother. Ruling passions. A desire to rule over others emotionally, or to be respected. Also your need for recognition and acclaim. More Quay  In some dreams people are facing danger or making decision about their direction. See: . Departures; meetings and partings; leaving a phase of life behind, or meeting a new one, and how we encounter such changes. […] More Quartz Fundamental internal processes, such as those shaping your body – consciousness can influence these, so the dream may show what relationship exists between your personality and the unconscious forces at work within you. Your wholeness […] More Quarrel Conflict within yourself or with exterior situation or relationship. See: people – it describes some of the main areas of human conflict – also Conflicts More
Quantum Physics I have collected several cuttings from various parts of my writings about quantum physics. They are a bit jumbled, and when I get time  I will put them in order. But meanwhile I hope they give some idea of the enormity […] More Quadrangle The boundaries of your life experience. The garden of your mind and soul. Physical experience. More
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