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Pyramid In popular association, the dead, mysteries. Its shape, however, would speak to the unconscious in another way. Having a square base it represents physical stability, while its triangular sides symbolise the material connections with creative […] More Pyjamas Pajamas Nightgown Being casual or intimate; sexuality; difficulty in facing life or sleeping. See: Clothes. This can have many associations, depending upon the context in the dream. It can, for instance link with being in hospital where you […] More Pyjamas This can have many associations, depending upon the context in the dream. It can, for instance link with being in hospital where you have to wear pyjamas, and so suggest you are dealing with an […] More Push Pushed Pushing Pushing: Being positive in what you want; exerting ones will or effort of will. It can also indicate manipulation or control of something. If you are forcefully pushing someone, then it is usually your anger […] More Push Chair – stroller – buggy Relating to babyhood, being dependent or even pregnancy. It could also suggest having responsibility if you are pushing it. Many of us have memories, not always nice ones of being in stroller/buggy/push chair.  Example: When […] More Pus Emotions infected by fears, self doubts, jealousy, etc. Occasionally a sign of physical illness. Negative feelings; possible malfunction physically; stagnation or lifelessness in area in which pus is seen. Pus in mouth would symbolise inadequacy […] More
Purse Something in your nature you value and try not to lose. Your sense of identity and power to be socially acknowledged as an effective person. Sometimes it represents a woman’s sexual feelings, the vagina. See: Bag if USA […] More Purple This has always been associated with royalty, with spirituality and the law. In terms of the personality it is seen as relating to the ability to deal with practical matters and with spiritual power. But […] More Purification See: Baptism. More Purgatory See: Hell. More Purchase Purchasing This often indicates some level of choices being made, decisions faced; there may also be elements of how much or little you are being influenced by internal desires or external sales pressure. One dreamer says […] More Puppy Youth, heedlessness, spontaneous affection and enthusiasm. It often represent a child, or feelings about wanting a child, being pregnant with a child, even one of ones own children. Also vulnerability or dependent needs. Like any […] More
Puppet Manipulation or feeling manipulated; feeling powerless against what feels like an external influence – the power of alcohol or drugs for instance. The puppet maybe links with your speech or actions not being wholly your […] More Punishment Torture Depicts the internal pain, or fear of retribution, that occurs inside us due to conflict between our social training and internal drives. The more rigidly moral we are, the more Hell and punishment we dream […] More Puncture Physical problems or injury; let down by something unexpected; unexpected delay in some area of your life; frustration or irritation. More Pumpkin Empty-headedness; foolishness. When double, a symbol of the material world and the underworld (consciousness and unconscious). Even as a single gourd, the pumpkin has associations with the underworld, as it plays a role in fall […] More Pulse The state of your enthusiasm or energy; feelings about health; anxiety about death. Put your hand under your clothes so you can feel your heart beating and the pulse of life in you. There you […] More Pulley The philosophy or ideas that enable you to produce results, or effect changes. An attitude or standpoint that enables you to overcome obstacles or barriers. Also it can be a way that you can access […] More
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