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Future Humans frequently correctly predict the future – not out of a bizarre ability, but from the information gathered about the present.  Or we fear the future, or at least our thoughts and worries of what […] More Fuse An electrical fuse represents that part of your ideas, resolves or confidence that may break down if pressure is brought to bear. Or it can be a word play to indicate unity. Sometimes a fuse […] More Furniture Attitudes or habits developed from family or home life, especially if it is a piece of furniture from family home or a past dwelling. The beliefs or feelings we ‘furnish’ our mind with, perhaps from […] More Fur Furry Your animal instincts breaking through into everyday life. These instincts are wholesome and strengthening, so needn’t be repressed in most cases. If you have feelings about animal hides, then the fur could relate to this. […] More Fungus Feelings about decay or disease. Sick ideas, emotions. In a few dreams the fungus represents deeply unconscious and basic processes of your body or mind that have mysterious influences or possibilities. It can be almost […] More Funfair The fantasy or make-believe world you can enter to distract your attention from everyday life. It could also suggest a practice run at living or taking risks. Going on a ride might indicate getting involved […] More
Funeral This can reflect concerns about death, perhaps because someone close has died and confronted you with death. Death is an important aspect of your life, and dreams use such a dream to explore the subject, […] More Function of Dreaming 1 –      An expression of what is happening in the physical body. Some doctors consider dreams to show signs of illness long before they are evident in other ways. Women frequently know they […] More Fuel Feeling drives; motivation; whatever has ‘fuelled one’s drive’. Petrol/gas is also a resource, something you know you can call upon to achieve something or ‘get somewhere’. So having an empty tank would suggest you have […] More Fruit Fruits may represent experience or efforts and what emerges from them. Especially the ‘fuits’ of your life, your abilties and rewards from your actions. Sometimes it represents that you have arrives at your lifes goals. […] More Frozen See: Freeze. More Frontier This suggests you are making great changes in life, moving from one set of values or way of life to another. You are probably meeting some sort of barrier or hesitation. It suggests a point […] More
Front This usually relates to what you are aware of, and what other people can see, about yourself or what you are doing. This is so whether it is the front of a house, a car, […] More Frog Frogs Any amphibian and reptile depicts your basic spinal and lower brain reactions, such as fight or flight, reproduction, attraction or repulsion, sex drive, need for food and reaction to pain. This includes the fundamental evolutionary […] More Friend Your feelings or worries about this friend. If the dream friend is no one you know then usually represents the inner intuitive feelings that encourage and advise you. The character of this unknown person will […] More Fridge See Refrigerator More Frequency of dreams See Science of dreams More Freeze Frozen This usually shows that you have been frightened of expressing your emotions, or that you have denied a part of your memories, feelings or sexuality. It might be that you emotional natures has no developed […] More
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