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Buy Buying Your desires for thing, or your search for something you want, or feel you want. Making choices, or being able to make choices. See: Shop. This often indicates some level of choices being made, decisions […] More Button Buttons are usually closely related to clothing. In films they are often used in sexual scenes as the people unbutton their clothing. So it can relate to intimacy, the opening of oneself to another, to […] More Buttocks The buttocks have many possible associations. Sometimes it connects with feelings about uncleanness or dirt. Also, like any orifice of the body it is a vulnerable place and so might link with feelings about being […] More Butterfly The beautiful that emerges from the unpromising, or ugly. The spiritual that emerges from physical experience. Transformation. More Butterfly Something beautiful, such as a delicate realisation that is fragile and easily destroyed. The butterfly also links with the caterpillar, and therefore the ability to transform and leave an old way of life behind, therefore […] More Butter It seems in may dreams to be the thing that gives a feeling or goodness or satisfaction, satisfaction in fact. It is, like the example, the extra something that makes it extra special and tasty. […] More
Butcher A butcher may denote a fear of another person’s anger; or being a butcher symbolise your own aggressiveness. Or it can represent material philosophy, worldly attitudes, lack of love and feeling. An aspect of you […] More Business Woman/Man The businessman or woman in your dream represents your ability to function well in the working world, it can also indicate a shrewdness about people and their ability. But it can represent something in you […] More Bush – Burning A love that dies not consume the body and is without pain through being lost in emotions of ‘love’ or lose. To move beyond the influence of the changing world. It can be seen as […] More Bus Coach You are driven along and so it may indicate habits, going along with the crowd, so maybe lacking the ability to chart a course for yourself. It can also mean that you are trying to […] More Burning Burnt This can show burning emotions, and usually connects with the release of emotions or energy. What this means is that sometimes emotions are so strong in us they burn away attitudes or feelings in us […] More Burial Bury Burying Buried This is obviously connected with death. So it can represent fear of death of self, or loved ones, unconscious desire to see others dead, or at least out of the way. But it also is […] More
Burglar Intruder This might indicate fears or difficult emotions arising from within you in a way that threatens you. If this applies it could indicate neglected parts of yourself which if met could enlarge who you are […] More Burden Perhaps it indicates nursed anger or other negative feelings – if we feel parenthood a heavy load you may see your child as a burden. It can also depict resources and ability to meet changing […] More Buoy It indicates that you are held, or can be in the middle of uncertainty, of shipwreck, or being lost or drowned in a rough sea/difficult even raging emotions. It also can show you a safe […] More Bumblebee See Insect More Bullet A bullet often links with feeling wounded, hurt, or the desire to wound or hurt. Therefore, being shot in the chest or stomach suggests feeling the impact of someone else’s attack in one form or […] More Bulldog These dogs are not known for their aggressiveness but for the protection of the person and their property – a good working dog. The dreams I have  collected with bulldogs in are all very loving […] More
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