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Hysterectomy Having a hysterectomy doesn’t kill your woman’s ability to conceive of the new. As the examples will show. And because you are a woman, remember that you have all that creative energy built into your […] More Hypnosis Being influenced by the suggestions of who or what hypnotises in the dream. Becoming receptive and surrendering to the hypnotic symbol. Whether this is good or bad must depend upon who or what it is […] More Hyena Because of old and stereotyped beliefs about hyenas, they probably depict an attitude of living on other peoples vulnerability or weakness; taking advantage of someone or being taken advantage of; underhandedness; messenger or bringer of […] More Hut Childhood family feelings; basic uncomplicated situation or relationship. It can link with memories of holidays or a relationships on holiday. It can link with work and how you do it – with quality or slipshod. […] More Husk The face value, the outer quality under which may hide beauty, nutrition, wisdom. It can also relate to past hurts which have been released, but which leaves the ghosts of their influence in you. More Husband It can depict how you see the relationship with your husband; your relationship with your sexuality; sexual and emotional desire and pleasure; how you relate to intimacy in body, mind and spirit. Or it can […] More
Hurt Have you been wounded by what other people have said or done? Is there some event from the past that still hurts in some way? But nothing can actually hurt you in your dreams. It […] More Hurricane To dream of a hurricane can indicate many things; approaching danger, frenzied emotions; feeling as if all power has been taken from you and you are tossed around by forces you have no control over; […] More Hunter Hunted Huntress Hunting and learning the skills of hunting can take many forms. Remember that hunting includes survival skills. Just as a fox cub ‘learns’ how to hunt from its parents without words, so we absorb the deeply etched negative and positive survival or 'hunting' strategies of our parents simply by being around them. More Hunger Your need for what sustains you, emotionally, mentally or physically. We sometimes lose hope, faith or strength, and this hunger represents the inner need felt at such times. See: food. Often points to things you […] More Hung Hanging Quite a few dreams show someone, or yourself, hung by the neck. There are many possible things this might indicate. For one thing it definitely links with is death, the fear of death or the […] More Huge See big; giant More
Hug Hugging A direct expression of warmth and the beginning of intimacy, or acting it out for social reasons. It is also an expression of enormous recognition of the other person, a meeting that can take many […] More Housework The cleaning out of non functional – negative – attitudes, thoughts and experience; keeping our internal house in order, perhaps by taking time to clarify or define motives, opinions and feelings about others. Dreams are […] More House For public buildings see Buildings or for other home things see Home. Also see house in my dream – parts of house like attic or windows. A house nearly always refers to you, depicting your […] More Hound Something to do with persistence, or following clues or chasing something or someone down. A hound can follow a subtle clue, such as a scent, and show you where to find it. People often use […] More Hotel New areas of self. Attitudes in self that may not be permanent. States of mind or being in which you are lodging, holidaying, or passing through on your way to somewhere else. Luxury and ease. […] More Hot Pleasurable ‘warm’ feelings; passion for someone. Hot can be pleasurable are harmful. It can destroy thing as with fire. Heat can cause pain and so one has an automatic reaction to avoid it, which is […] More
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