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Gypsy Gypsies Intuition, psychic faculties, irrational aspects of your feelings, perhaps pressurising you toward things you don’t want. They may represent the instinctive wisdom or intuition such people have, or the feeling of being confronted by someone […] More Gymnasium This can indicate that your involvement, or suggesting you involve yourself in self help – especially in connection with health. Taking risks in learning something new, or practicing new skills, perhaps needing daring. It also applies to […] More Guy See boyfriend; man; man in your dreams; family More Guru – Dalai Lama – Sensei Represents your connection with the whole of life, with collective wisdom, or the collective unconscious, as it relates to your life. Beside a guru, the dream figure can be any person you feel is in […] More Gunpowder See: Dynamite. More Gun This could be a sign of urges to hurt someone. It may also signify fear of being attacked and hurt by others, or a sense of inadequacy when facing aggression. For some people the gun […] More
Gum See: Glue. More Gull See: Birds. More Gulf Is there something separating you from a person, or a situation? The gulf might even be a feeling of some kind that caused a rift between you and an individual or a situation. If the […] More Guitar See: Fiddle. More Guilt Feeling guilt in a dream is a direct experience, but what you are feeling guilty about may well be in symbols and need clarifying. See: emotions and mood. Example: Yesterday, as C. and I talked, I […] More Guillotine Losing ones head, or threat of it; killing out ones ability to think and reason – so perhaps becoming irrational. See: Body; Head. It could be a way of meeting the fear of death. It can also […] More
Guide The principles that guide your direction in life. They may be a worthy or unworthy guide, depending on the principles or desires by which you are directed. The guide may also be an animal, in […] More Guard We guard our language, our thoughts, our actions. The guard can symbolise the morals, social pressures, fears, used in this way. It may also represent a fear of losing something, such as respect, love, social […] More Growth of Something In the widest sense nearly all dreams act as a process of growth or a move toward maturing. Some dreams are very obviously presenting internal forces or dimensions of experience that might lead the conscious […] More Grove Similar to Garden, but being trees, specifies the growth or area of your ideas and habitual emotions. More Group This shows how you feel about being one of a crowd, and what sort of strategies you use for dealing with a group – whether a follower, a leader, a quiet introvert, or an extrovert. More Ground See: Earth. More
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