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Mystic See: Guru. More Mystic Most dictionary definitions state that a mystic is “a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine […] More Myself See Meeting the Unknown; Programmed; Self I Myself;  Toward the Light that is Myself?; Myths Legends and Fairy Stories More Mustang Youthful sexuality, aggressiveness, nonconformity. See: Horse. More Musical Instrument This shows how well you can express your flowing feelings and spontaneous creativity. In some dreams it is linked with what you feel about sex or your genitals, and how well you express pleasure and […] More Music Musician The play of subtle feelings and forces in our being, or realisations difficult to define, and the influence of wider awareness in our life. Much music has personal associations, so you need to define what […] More
Mushrooms Toadstools Feelings or realisations that arise without warning from within; perhaps there is a question here of whether a situation or relationship is nourishing or poisonous, due to the possible association of poisonous or even mind […] More Mushroom Cloud See: atom bomb More Museum Memory; family and cultural heritage; the living past within us. Often it is a search into ones past, and the clues left in us, in an attempt to form a clear understanding of ourselves in […] More Muscle Your strength, and ability to do things, therefore confidence and sense of adequacy. Muscles can indicate feelings of being outwardly forceful, or masculinity in its physical aspect. Also may refer to your physical muscle, and […] More Murder Murderer Murdered Each of us are implicated in killing – by denying, repressing, controlling – some part of our own nature. These denied areas of your own sensitivity or potential can fortunately be resurrected through self awareness […] More Mummy Egyptian The attempt to preserve ourselves as we are, instead of opening ourselves to the constant change, death and rebirth, that life brings. This only results in mummification or desiccation. The mummy often appears in dreams […] More
Mum See mother; Archetype of the Mother   More Multiverse Parallel Worlds See Multiverse More Mule Stubbornness. See: Ass. More Muezzin The call of the spirit of God, in the midst of everyday affairs; in our very forgetfulness, He has not forgotten us. More Muerta Muerte Muertos See Dead Person; Dead; Dead – Communicating With; Quick And The Dead; Death; Dreaming of Death; Near Death Experiences; Rudolph Steiner’s Philosophy of Life and Death; Life After Death?; Santa Muerte See https://translate.google.com/ More Mud In some dreams, as in a muddy road, or swamp, the mud is simply the retarding aspect of your hesitations and fears. In other dreams, people search through, or dig in the mud, which represents […] More
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