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Nymph See: Fairy. More Nut Feeling a ‘nut’ suggest you see yourself as foolish. A nut can indicate nourishment or wisdom that needs work to get at its kernel. Sometimes used to say someone is crazy. A nut can also […] More Nurse Nursing Healing, fears of health, desire to be nursed or cared for, compassion for others. Desire to be loved as a child. The nurse is sometimes used as a figure of fear too, someone who will […] More Nun Sexual restraint; religious feelings or morals; idealism. Useful Questions and Hints: Does this represent how I feel about Nuns, especially if I went to a parochial school? Is there indication of prayerful, meditative, or religious […] More Numbers Numbers can have a personal or symbolic significance. For instance, we may have had three children, so the number three in a dream about children could be connected with our feelings or fears about them […] More Nude Dropping the facade, attitudes or feelings we may mask our real emotions with in everyday life – for instance a child may scream if someone it dislikes gets near it, but an adult will probably […] More
Nucleus The nucleus is perhaps the most important structure inside animal and plant cells. It is the main control center for the cell and acts rather like the cell’s brain. Only eukaryotic cells have a nucleus. […] More Notice Literally means to notice, to be conscious of. More Nose Through our nose we sense things that are completely invisible, but nevertheless tell us a lot about what we are sensing. It therefore often appears in dreams to depict our intuition, our sense of whether […] More North Star Guiding star, guardian angel. That which guides you through life’s journey. Intuition. More North The head, as opposed to South, the genitals. There is often a divide between the north and south of a country in the way of life. The four major directions such as North, East, South […] More Noose Fear of getting ‘hung up’ on something or somebody; fear of a trap – or desire to trap. Sometimes a threat of death or meeting the feeling of dying. If noose around neck: feelings about […] More
Noon Active waking life. Height of waking consciousness, ego, rationalism. Mid-life. More No Unless we can say ‘no’ effectively, our ‘yes’s’ in life may be acquiescence rather than agreement. Therefore, saying no in our dreams is an important expression of our needs and ability to make decisions in […] More Nipple Usually connects with infant feelings of longing or hunger, mixed with sexual feelings of pleasure. See: Breast. More Nine The fact that all numbers rise in series of nines and then begin again, and that babies are born in the ninth month, lends itself to nine symbolising the completion of a process, or stage […] More Nightmare In addition to the bad dreams provoked by primal feelings, basic drives and past traumas, it is known that everyday threats and dangers can also trigger the nightmare experience. It may be that when we […] More Nightgown Sometimes similar to negligee but less sexual in its associations. See Associations Working With; pyjamas It is often shown in dreams as being not dressed for the occasion. Example: She says she needs some help from me […] More
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