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Axe Power, authority of material nature. Desire to hurt or destroy, or fear of these things. See: Arms; weapons. Idioms: Axe to grind; to be axed lose one’s job. More Axe An axe is primarily for cutting things down or for cutting them into smaller units. It is also a formidable weapon; so what part is the axe playing in you dream? See: weapons. Idioms: Axe to grind; […] More Awareness See: consciousness; Levels of Awareness; Brain Levels and Dreams; Unconscious. More Award See: Prize. More Awake Awakened Awakening This means that you have realised something or woken up to something. Maybe you have woken up to your present situation. It can also show how you are emerging from a period of withdrawal. Sometimes […] More Aversion The dream and its symbols need to be considered to see what the aversion is referring to. What one tries to avoid may be clearly shown in the dream, such as avoiding sex, social contact, […] More
Avenue See: Road. More Avalanche The power of frozen emotions. We can freeze sexuality by anger or jealousy, etc., and the build up of tension might then release in a dangerous way. A possible build up of tension or circumstances […] More Autumn ‘The autumn of one’s life’; mellow feelings; gradual but often pleasant decline; maturity; middle age; past the prime; a period of change when the old order of things is fading away, and the new has […] More Autopsy A search within oneself or ones life experiences for what has caused something in you to die or to stop functioning. You could be asking yourself questions, and so examining the past for clues – […] More Automobile See: Car, or parts of car, such as engine, etc. More Automaton A habitual and unthinking or unconscious reaction; some aspect of the body’s automatic working, or a view of the body as mechanical instead of alive and intelligent. Or perhaps an unfeeling and automatic relationship with […] More
Autograph A symbol of who you are as an outward character. Usually a sign of yourself in someone else’s life. Often indicates a feeling of importance – as when someone asks for your autograph. Trying to […] More Autobahn See: motorway. More Autism Virtually all of us have areas of our feelings, or responses to particular situations such as learning or a relationship with the opposite sex, in which we have been hurt or traumatised. These areas or […] More Authority Might depict what has arisen in your life out of relationship with father. Or the dream might depict your relationship with authority, or a view of how you use power of authority. See conformity. An […] More Author This may depict a part of yourself that is creative, especially to do with telling the story of your real self, your real inner passions and dreams, your life story. An author in a dream […] More Australia To have Australia in your dream depend almost entirely on whether you have lived there, born there or whether it is an unknown for you. So you need to ask yourself what associations you have […] More
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