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Syringe Most often a phallic symbol. But may represent energy, emotions, ideas, injected into you, such as schooling, that may be foreign to your real nature, or of only temporary effect. See: Injection. More Synesius Synesius recognised the extraordinary ability of the dreaming mind to engage in actions on multiple levels: “In dreams one conquers, walks, or flies simultaneously, and the imagination has room for it all; but how shall […] More Sword Many meanings. May be your discrimination and search for truth; protective instincts or strength of character, with which you can also help and protect others. Also, like any weapon, may depict aggressiveness, or male sexuality. […] More Swing SeeSaw Rocking is a way to calm oneself used by children and traumatised people. It probably has this same significance in dreams. May also have sexual significance. Also the movement of the swing or seesaw expresses […] More Swimsuit Bikini Depending on the feelings in the dream it could mean you feel revealed to others in a way that might not be what you would want to appear, or that you are relaxed and open […] More Swimming Pool The way we share experience with other people or are involved with other people. It therefore often refers to relationships with others, especially the aspect of relationship where feelings or influence permeates us from others. […] More
Swimming Usually this shows your degree of confidence in dealing with the sort of impacts, anxieties or emotions which cause some people to ‘go under’, either in relationships or something like running a family or business. […] More Sweets Childhood pleasures, rewards or punishments. So sweets may relate to something you want desperately or hunger for in a childlike way. They often hold a lot of memories of the past. There might also be negative associations with sweets. […] More Sweep Sweeping Swept Clearing away outmoded attitudes, anxieties or emotions; getting feelings about someone out of ones life. More Swan Grace; beauty; dignity. In mythology often represents the psyche or soul and its connection with a spiritual world; the side of human nature usually hidden because unconscious, often referred to as the spiritual – meaning […] More Swamp See: Bog, Marsh. More Swallow Swallowed Swallowing This suggests you are either taking something in, or if you are swallowing without putting something in your mouth, then you are holding something back, pushing down feelings or a healing process. What you swallow […] More
Surrender To hand over your will. To become open to influence. More Surgery A surgery: Ones health, emotional or physical. Having surgery: Feeling ‘got at’ by someone; having someone ‘get under ones skin’; difficult but healing changes in yourself; feelings about surgery if imminent. More Surf Surfing Waves of feeling, inspiration, experience. Meeting challenges in the swift changes in your life. Sex and its pleasures or difficulties. More Support Supporter Someone who either supports you emotionally, financially, as a member of a group or club, or even in your life direction or beliefs. A person or a group – a part of your inner life […] More Supermarket The pleasure or displeasure of shopping or looking for goods. It also involves in choosing or choices. So as with shopping it indicates what you desire; something you are looking for or want – love, […] More Sunday Relaxation, rest, religious observance. More
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