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Writing Expressing inner self. Clarifying feelings, materialising or recording them and thus making the inner feelings more defined, definite, less vague. More Wreck Damage you have experienced to some aspect of your self-image, or even your body. If it is an old wreck, such as a shipwreck, it could point to the memories and feelings surrounding an old […] More Wound A hurt, perhaps from the past. There are probably strong feelings connected with the wound that might be worth expressing. More Worship Opening yourself to the influence of what you worship – or to the influence of the ideas or feelings involved in the act of worshipping. It can also be an experience that transcends your usual […] More Worm Lowliness, decay, earthiness. Feeling insignificant or ineffective; something you treat as insignificant, the penis. Worms: Ill health; health worries. Intestinal worms can either be a creature that gives you immunity against things like asthma, or a […] More World Sometimes depicts the ‘world’ or viewpoints you have created out of your attitudes and responses to events and people. Your personal interactions with people and events. End of the world: End of the way you […] More
Workshop It probably refers to your ability to create or mend various areas of your life or projects. But as the example show it can also be a place of wonder or discovery. I can be […] More Work Worked Working Everything in the universe works. Everything exists because of a relationship with other things, with the whole. Our interdependence is complete. Without the universe we do not exist. One of the greatest truths of the […] More Work Clothes Denotes something you are working at or giving effort to. This is usually to do with changes you are making, either in yourself or outer life.  This only seldom relates to the actual work you […] More Wordplay and Puns According to Freud, one of the major processes of the unconscious is condensation. This means that within one element in a dream, such as the strange room we dream we are in, or the unusual […] More Word In Indian holy writings, and in the bible, the same idea is expressed, In the beginning was the word. Sometimes in dreams a special word is realised or given. Such words are symbols of creative […] More Wool May represent the soft, indulgent things of life, gentle thoughts, and pleasure, as in wool-gathering. More
Wood In general, wood represents ideas, opinions, habits, that have become a fixed part of your nature. Just as the tree is originally green and supple but becomes hard and fixed as solid wood, so our […] More Womb Childbirth, pregnancy, the female receptiveness and ability to nurture life. To return to the womb, while it can represent an infantile event, really symbolises the experience or consciousness at that time. This is a state […] More Woman Women In life the conscious attention a woman has to give to her animus (her inner male) problem takes much time and involves a lot of suffering. But if she realises who and what her animus […] More Wolf Although the wolf can depict a feeling that ‘things’ are out to get us, the wolf in our dream often depicts just our fear. Fear is one of our instinctive reactions to situations, so is […] More Witch Very often dreams are indicating your mother as you feel about her in a negative way. Inner forces of the unconscious that are being misdirected. The desire to influence others via their unconscious fears, weaknesses, […] More Wireless See: Radio. More
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