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Eyes This is about How we SEE the world and ourselves. Although eyes are not mentioned much in the collection of dreams used for data in this book, SAW, SEE, SEEING, LOOK and LOOKING, constitute the […] More Explosion Anger; dramatic release of energy in making changes in self expression; social upheaval; fear; orgasm. Because our ego is only a small thing compared with the immense uncosicious forces of life that are underlying it, […] More Exploring your dreams – Steps in Deeper Understanding Many people see dreams as nothing more than fanciful, but dreams are more than dreams. If you think of dreams as similar to an icon on your computer desktop, you can arrive at a fuller insight. This is because each dream image holds enormous data, emotional response, and created patterns of behaviour. More Exploring Exploration You can explore the land/the world, an idea, a question or a project, you can explore yourself or your dreams, you can explore sex. Or you can explore the effects of medecines or drugs, and […] More Exploring a dream Mostly we hear about analysing dreams, as if they are something we could penetrate by thinking about, or being analytical about a dream. In writing about this elsewhere I have said this is rather like […] More Exorcise Exorcism Having spent most of my adult life exploring the far out reaches of the mind, the unconscious and the superconscious, having experienced psychic attacks and exorcism, I feel it needs understanding of some of the […] More
Exit A way out of a situation; a way to escape or moving toward death. See: door. An exit such as on a freeway/motorway suggests either branching off from a main flow in the direction you were […] More Exhibition Intimate self revelation or what is appreciated and honoured. There may also be a suggestion of choice, or looking for something. An exhibition is also about exposure to what is being exhibited, and therefore a […] More Execution See: Death. More Excrement Very often expresses feelings of repulsion or distaste, or emotions or parts of experience that need to be released or let go of. Like digested food, faeces can represent experience that was relevant and enjoyable […] More Exams Examined Examining If your dream relates to exams or being examined, it usually points to some uncertainty in yourself, or perhaps some sort of search for deeper understanding if it is a positive experience. If there is […] More Ex’s Ex’s play an enormous part in many people’s dreams. The reason is that dreams about ex’s are very tricky for several reasons. To start with most people are often totally unaware of the experience they […] More
Ex-relationship Remember that in the your dreams your most intimate fears and longings are given an exterior life of their own in the form of the people, objects and places of your dream. Therefore our sexual […] More Evolution Many people deny that they are the products of an evolving natural system. Maybe we haven’t fully understood it, but just look at these things we have found about ourselves. During the last century an […] More Evil Evil is ‘live’ spelt backwards. In dreams the sense or presence of evil is often depicting those things you have so repressed that they are no longer properly alive and healthy. Repression has turned them […] More Evergreen Symbolises the eternal as it expresses through matter with its quality of constant change. More Evening Relaxation; quiet peace; time for oneself; nearness to the ‘shadows’ of the unconscious, the parts of self we do not usually have awreness of. Sometimes: The last years of life; old age. It can also […] More Eve The power of sensual seduction. Eve stands for the soul or personality. Also feelings, femininity, or the receptiveness of your feelings to sensations and thus to temptations. She can also represent a man’s wife; or […] More
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