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Dynamite Explosive emotions or a threatening, explosive, situation. See: Bomb. More Dynamite Explosive emotions or a threatening, explosive, situation. See: Bomb. Powerful pains or emotions, perhaps past experiences, that could explode into your waking life with destructive effects. This is probably linked with past trauma that if […] More Dying See: Death. More Dwarf Unconscious forces, or the powers that work on your being to keep it functioning. See: dwarf poem. A dwarf may also represent a part of the yourself that has been held back in development due […] More Dvd Recordplayer Cassette Computer-disc They indicate your internal process that can reproduce memories, recent or ancient. In doing so it can stimulate any emotions, loving or traumatic feelings that were part of the original experiences. This can occur in […] More Duvet Comforter Quilt Comfort, warmth or protection. There are links in dreams with romance or  sexuality. Some people use a duvet or comforter to withdraw when things feel depressing or unhappy. See: blanket. Example: Then, he took me […] More
Dustbin The The unwanted parts of your experience and memories. The things you want to get rid of in yourself; things you don’t like or are ashamed of.  See: garbage. Does the dream point in any […] More Dust Ideas, thoughts or ideas that can be lifted up by your inner nature. Or ideas without feeling, dried up. The accumulation of time, the passage of time since you last felt or realised what the […] More Dung See: Cesspool; Faeces. More Dump Dumping See Avoid Being Victims – Emotions and Mood in Dreams – Emotions and Mood More Dumb Inability to express inner feelings. More Duck Ducks Because a duck can fly and also dive under water it can represent both your ability to raise your awareness, to expand your mind and horizons, and also to look into what is hidden under […] More
Drunk This might indicate loss of control, lack of reason or having no soul or self control. See Being in Control Sometimes drunkenness is about being abandoned and allowing expression to parts of you that are usually […] More Drum This may represent your heart, depending on the dream content. In some dreams it is obviously about sexual tension, intercourse or masturbation. Or it can be an expression of natural rhythms of the life processes […] More Drugs Most drugs in dreams represent the physical and psychological influence they have. For instance a pain killer is not just something that muffles physical pain, it also enables us to feel we can deal with […] More Druggist Drugstore See: Chemist. More Drowning – Many Replies -Serena2015-12-11 2:44:38 I often have basically this same dream and don’t know why. I’m always in a car with some of my closest family or friends (usually family). For some reason we always get in […] More Drowning This is such a common dream and has been answered hundreds of times, we first ask you to look through the many answers given in Drowning – Many Replies Hopefully you will find an answer to your own […] More
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