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Oyster Silence, tight lipped, secretive, hiding a secret beauty. It may also represent the body, or material existence, in which your psyche develops as does the pearl, through irritation, and is trapped by its restrictions. In […] More Oxygen Energy, life giving forces. More Ox Represents the earthy, practical, service giving and sexual parts of human nature. See: Animal; Bull. Interchangeable with the bull, except oxen may be castrated, and so represent patient service without fire or aggression, or loss […] More Owl Because the owl sees in the dark it represents our intuitive sense that ‘sees’ what is happening in the subtle areas of our feeling and experience. This sense ‘feeds’ by watching or acting as an […] More Ovulation People often say our body is formed of stars or we are children of the universe, both are missing important information. A huge creative event is the start of everything we know as the universe […] More Overcoat Protective attitudes or feelings. Also the feelings or face you allow yourself in public. No display of intimacy. See: Clothes More
Oven Because of the idiom ‘one in the oven’ may depict pregnancy or the womb; the human ability to transform character qualities. From being a sulky, irritable person, one can change to being self-giving and open. […] More Ovaries Ovum Uterus For many women the uterus represents their unconscious sense of being a full woman and their adequacy, just as testes do for men. Of course, it also links with the ability to have children, so […] More Oval The shape often indicates the womb in some way, either that or female qualities or sexuality. The womb here suggests the reproductive drive, the unconscious desire for a child or more children, and the possible […] More Otter Ability to ‘swim’ with skill –  to meet the ever changing moods and feelings of water without ‘drowning’ – i.e. to meet the changing, the currents and falls of life without ‘drowning’.  It also indicate […] More Ostrich Because of folklore the ostrich may represent avoidance of seeing what is happening around you. But if you have ever watched ostriches you will see how they run from anything that causes them anxiety. So […] More Ossification Becoming too fixed in your habits, your mental and emotional outlook. More
Orphan Feeling abandoned or unloved; feeling rejected or misunderstood – or part of yourself is being rejected and misunderstood. It may indicate feelings of vulnerability in independence and consciousness. Sometimes this reflects difficult events in your […] More Orient Oriental The unconscious, the source of life and its mystery. Thus it often represents transcendental wisdom and intuition. See: Chinese. There are legends throughout the world in which “a poison damsel” (as they call her in […] More Orgy The release of repressed desires, glutting themselves. More Orgasm All our lives we try to achieve a balance of contradictory opposites, and whether in our egos we succeed or fail, every function claimed by the ego is balanced by its opposite in the unconscious. […] More Organ Organs The different aspects of self, different ideas, feelings, abilities, weaknesses and strengths which can be played or called upon; the whole range of our being as it responds to decisions and activity; sexual organs. See: […] More Organ The different areas of your life, different ideas, capabilities, feelings, sympathies, weaknesses, strengths, that can be played upon. Sometimes represents the wonderful possibilities of the mind, or your spirit, or even the octaves and feelings […] More
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