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Cyst A morbid collection of memories, emotions, energies, that are not harmonising or adding to your life in general. A cyst on a certain part of the body can show a physical or psychological hurt connected […] More Cylinder In dreams they often express man made or shaped. The can be columns that are natural but with man made designs, so are indicating powerful natural forces in you that have been shaped by the […] More Cyclone Emotions and urges against which you feel powerless, and which may become obsessive. See: tornado See Techniques for Exploring your Dreams More Cut Cutting If something is cut it can depict severing connections, separation, to become independent, to cut off sympathy or affections. If an object is cut or torn it points to possible regret at the damage, or […] More Cushion See: pillow. More Curtain Curtains The ability to reveal or hide something, such as we do with our feelings or thoughts, perhaps even memories. Curtains can also be part of decorations to beautify, or to separate one area from another. […] More
Curse Cursed Cursing Autosuggestion. That is, inner results of fears entertained. Also symbolises the inheritance of past actions, past lives, or hereditary traits or taints. It sometimes refers to the power of material values to influence decisions and […] More Current This word is used to indicate both what is present – a current experience – and also a flow or influence. In both senses it shows something having an impact on you. What the impact […] More Currency currency See: money. More Cup This is usually linked in some way with satisfying ones thirst. In other words the cup suggests either the fullness or absence of satisfaction and felt needs, or the circumstances the cup reminds you of. […] More Cul-de-sac The cul-de-sac means you feel or fear there is no way ahead in your present direction, or no way out of a present situation or relationship; or at least, no way to develop it further. […] More Cuddly Toy You might be desiring the sort of non-threatening relationship you had with parents, or just plain seeking a relaxed feeling and love. Also the pleasure of holding someone or feeling warmth. See: teddy bear; toys. […] More
Cuddle Cuddling In most dreams where cuddling occurs it is usually a woman cuddling with love and care a baby, probably new born. This represents the flowering of or expression of a caring love that is without […] More Cuddle Unity, sharing of feelings. More Cuckoo Sexual promiscuity, the egg laid in another nest or woman. Wanting to, or feeling your partner is, having sex outside your relationship; pregnant with child from another man than ones partner. Cuckoo can also mean […] More Cube Matter, physical existence. It is symbolic of the number 4, and thus stands for stability, strength, material expression, the body. The square or cube is an enclosure in three dimensions, like our body, that in […] More Crystal The human sense of the eternal, so a symbol of your core self. But a crystal can also depict rigid views or emotions, crystallised opinions, thus habits. A crystalline form is often a symbol of […] More Crypt This often depicts your unconscious memories or feelings. But it may indicate repressed parts of you, or family influences from the long past. It may also show feelings emerging from the unconscious, or fear of […] More
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