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Youth The first part of this entry applies to both girls and boys but a separate section for girls is given here – Teenage Girls Yourself at that age, so the attitudes and responses developed at that […] More Your Immense Resources You have immense resources in your dreams. If you look through your journal you will see a wide variety of characters, animals, and places. The more dreams you have, the greater the variety. Each of […] More You Me Ego You are the great theme of your dreams. You are the mystery your dreams explore and reveal. As you will gradually discover if you take the journey into yourself, you are much more than you […] More Yoga Yogi Your core self as you are meeting it in your dream. It might also suggest a withdrawal from outward activity. Or it might relates to some sort of inner disciplines of mind or body you […] More Yes No Wherever we say yes to a person or situation in a dream or everyday life, we are opening to the influence of that aspect of ourselves. It is important to define what leads us to […] More Yellow Depending on the context in the dream, yellow can link with lightness of feeling; intuition; hopefulness for the future; a clear intellect or extroversion. Because it is a colour associated with shining, it may indicate […] More
Yeast The tiny ideas or inner forces, that can ferment in the being. and change the whole life. Ideas or intangible influences which can yet change ones life or situation. An increase in your affairs that […] More Year Years The mention of year or years in a dream is often a reference to the passsge of years in which importatant events  or growth or great change occurred. The birth year is a marker of […] More Yawn Yawning Boredom; tiredness; the unconscious trying to say something – yawning is a movement arising from the self regulatory process. See: Movements during sleep. A yawn, like a sneeze, occurs by itself. While we sleep our […] More Yacht See: Boat; Ship. More y Also an unknown quantity in mathematics. May symbolise You. More
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