Buildings Hallway

The hall or passage in a house may depict how you relate to other people, how much you let them into your life. It might also suggest the connections between the different parts of yourself, such as different interests or talents. Occasionally the hallway in a woman’s dream indicates her uterus.

The way one meets other people or allows them into ones life or intimacy. It can also be the receptive female reproductive function; connecting link with aspects of oneself.

Example: ‘I find myself in the entrance hall of a very large house. The hall is very large with a curved staircases either side meeting at the top to form a balcony. There is nobody about and I am frightened. I start to walk up the stairs but then find myself hiding in the roof with very little space above my body.’ Mrs B.

The hall is probably Mrs B’s childbearing ability and her image of herself as a woman. The words ‘little space above my body’ suggest her main area of life has always been her childbearing function or physical attractiveness as a woman, and she has not developed her mental self. See also: corridor under house and buildings ; white under colours.

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