Chew chewed chewing

Often to savour or enjoy something, but also to think something over, to analyse or break it down in order to absorb it. To sample something, or take it into yourself as a feeling, an idea or experience.

We use our teeth sometimes to chew through something like a cord, and this suggests being involved with the action, in the sense that you can taste it and it is in your mouth so you experience it. It can also suggest desire to hurt.

Our mouth is a way we express desire and hunger. From the first we reach for our mother’s breast, and later we express hunger and longing in kissing. So there may be elements of this in what we take in and chew in our dream. See: Eating.

If you are chewing something and you try desperately to get out of your mouth, see entry under mouth.

Chewing gum: It could represent releasing tension in the mouth – or simply a habit from childhood and the having something sweet in the mouth.

Idioms: Bite off more than you can chew; bite your tongue; chew him/her out; chew the fat; chew the rag.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I am chewing, and does this point to something I am taking into myself at the moment?

Is this pleasant or unpleasant, and what of these is evident in my life?

Am I hungering for something?

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