Many dreams of cobwebs stress age, death, of old palces where nobody has lived or been in for ages. So it might relate to either being lost in past memories in which there is little life and movement; or that you need to or are I clearing out the dust and cobwebs in your mind?

Example: It seemed a terrifying thing to be dead and descends into a crypt, lifeless and without motivation. Here I felt or experienced a very strong sense almost like a dead body, if it had awareness, might feel in a crypt. This is quite difficult to describe. I suppose what I was experiencing was a sort of ready made or social image of death. The sort of fears we have about it. It had in it the sense of dust, decay and cobwebs – the quiet dead silence of the tomb. But here, right in the midst of death, I had the sense of eternal life, of resurrection.

Example:  was trying to rearrange the furniture in a bedroom. I was sweeping behind some long curtains that had been hanging for a long time and I knew there was a big spider that could come out at me at anytime. I felt afraid but still kept sweeping the cobwebs away.

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