Department Store

Because such a large store can supply all your needs, from food, perfume, clothing to electrics, it is like a one stop shop.

Why are you visiting the store – making choices or decisions, looking for something, being with friends, looking for someone, hoping to see famous people? If so, ask youreslf what is urging you there.

People often dream of spending leasure time in the store, or even sleeping there overnight, suggesting filling all your needs. So it can be a form of social centre, a place you feel easy in, so suggests finding a special attitude within you.

Example: I am in a huge department store (like a Las Vegas-style hotel, skyscraper) where lingerie is piled high to the very, very high ceiling. I am in awe. “Why do you think people come here?” they (my male friends) say to me. (Some black boys tell us how to be smart shoppers and get coupons and points which can be traded in for reduced prices. Later I make fun of them – accidentally – to their faces.) When I turn back to show these guys the lingerie boxes piled to the ceiling there is a huge green curtain in front of them, but the guys have already seemed to know what I am talking about anyway. I can’t get over all this lingerie being piled this way and in such a large building.

Exampl: I was in the bathroom of a large department store, sitting on the toilet. It was crowded. People would peek in. There were two men in the lobby area by the sinks. A woman questioned them and they laughed. They were really women dressed like men. Then I saw George Hamilton, a star, come in. He came over to me and peeked in. I was a little embarrassed because my butt was showing. I got up and he wanted to hug me. That was O.K. He suggested we go to his hotel room to make love. I said, “No, I don’t want to,” because I wanted him to care for me, or be caring and then the sex would be good.

Example: In this dream, I seemed to be on the top floor of what looked like a high rise department store.  It was very crowded with a great any people looking at all the glittering shop windows, for some reason I was not aware of, they seemed to draw a lot of attention.  I was looking for something that you could eat, for a special purpose.  Something that had a special purpose, rather like the magic mushroom in Alice in Wonderland.

 I was given, or came in possession of two very small round objects, the shape, size and colour, of the old English pennies and half pennies of my childhood.  They were round, brown, and very small, and had a special effect on you when you ate them.  I was aware that they could bring about inner changes when you had eaten them, and seemed to open you up in some way to the awareness of something beyond the day to day experiences of ordinary everyday life.  It seemed that it opened you up to the beauty, goodness, and loving kindness of another existence that was in the air, everywhere, you could see it wherever you looked.  Impossible to fully describe, but harmonies just playing out in tiny glittering spots of shining Light and Colour, that extended everywhere, and in some way opened you up to a different would, to change your relationship to yourself and your Inner Being.  I knew that it would have a deep effect for Healing and Good.

 It seemed that I alone, at that moment, saw the potential of the deep inner effects of eating them. I tried to find some more, to offer to others, but it seemed that the two that I had were all that there were.  I felt that many others could experience what I did, by something deep within coming to the surface, but somehow they were not yet ready to wake up to it.  It seemed that its presence was everywhere but not being absorbed by the people gathered there.

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