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They indicate your internal process that can reproduce memories, recent or ancient. In doing so it can stimulate any emotions, loving or traumatic feelings that were part of the original experiences. This can occur in sleep or in waking as a projected reality. See Waking Lucid Dream

Can simply be the sort of pleasure you feel on listening to music; the impressions left on you by events, people – therefore memory, but often memory integrated by the unconscious into insights.

Information you have gathered or the impression we might leave behind at death through what we have created during life – what remains of us. Also the impression we would like to give others. See: hard-disk under computer.

If an LP record it sometimes indicates memory from the long past or even a past existence.

 Example: I was walking by a riverbank near a cemetery. As I walked and drew near to the cemetery, I saw submerged in the river a record player – in fact my record player. I walked into the river and pulled it out.

Prior to this dream he had experienced several dreams showing the river being blocked, or silted up, or made sluggish with reeds and weeds, and in this dream he was walking in the direction the river flowed, it being clear and free flowing. The river is the flow of his life, showing the energies of growth and creativity, the energies underlying emotions, thinking and sexuality. The dream shows him as consciously following their flow. The cemetery is the many past memories buried within him. The record player is the faculty of memory covered up by the emotions or flow of his inner life, but now he is bringing this faculty to the surface. He felt this dream had something to do with past lives, but was far from being sure.

Idioms: For the record; track record.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Were there memories stimulated that are meaningful?

Was there something playing or do the music or words remind of something?

Does anything met in the dream have links with the far past?

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