Force Forcing

We can have the force of imagination, the internal forces, an alien force, a motivating force, a force in the world, a massive force of positive change, natural forces that create us, a restrictive force, forced to admit, force of the unconscious, cosmic forces, conflicting forces, brute force, habitual forces, sexual forcefulness, hidden forces, archetypal forces, forces of change – and many more.

So you need to define what force is acting on you in your dream. Is it electrical force; in that case look up electricity. Is it the force of water; in which case look up water, river and tsunami. Is it the power of your own emotion and fear? If it is look up avoid being victims, or secrets of power dreaming, or whatever the force is an expression of.

You can change the outcome of dreams using Secrets of Power Dreaming or Martial Art of the Mind

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