This can indicate that your involvement, or suggesting you involve yourself in self help – especially in connection with health.

Taking risks in learning something new, or practicing new skills, perhaps needing daring. It also applies to physical health.

Dreams are themselves a form of exercise, a gymnasium of the soul. As such they stretch and increase your strength and flexibility, your ability to experience the wonderful dimensions of you. See Levels of Awareness.

Example: I am playing in a ping pong tournament in a gymnasium, but with very old and faulty equipment – old paddles, dented balls, no nets, etc. It is frustrating, but fun. Also the equipment keeps changing. Just when we seem to have the right equipment, we discover something is missing. (I am competing with out-of-date equipment/ideas?)

Example: I see a man. We talk. I hug him and am in his lap. I say to him. I love you. man is distressed. I say don’t be upset. It’s all right if you don’t return my love. I do this twice. Now I feel like dancing. I find a spot on the gymnasium floor where it’s not as crowded and begin to dance like I’m Ice Skating. I swirl and glide gracefully. People stop to look. Someone puts a spotlight on me. As part of the dance, I leap up to grab hold of a crystal chandelier. This represents reaching for God. It is beautiful. The crowd admires my dancing. I am touched by the motion of reaching for God. It is very spiritual. Barb.

Useful questions and hints:

What were you doing in relation to the gym?

Have you ever been to or used and actual gym?

Did you realise anything from the dream?

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