Hanger Hanging Hung

Anything that hangs depends upon the thing it is hanging by, or from. So hanging in a dream shows a state of depending for support on one thing, as shown in the dream. It can signify dependence, fear of falling, lacking support. Or it may be you have found something to hang onto that actually supports you in an otherwise difficult situation. It is then helpful to define what it is in your waking life that is giving such support.

A person who is hanged: Awful repression of self expression, to the point of feeling dead or depressed. Perhaps feelings of life not worth living. To dream of being strangled, or of hanging oneself, signifies “oppression and distress”. See: neck.

From another perspective, suicide is something to avoid if we take cause and effect into account. See karma; Answer to Critics; suicide

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do you feel you are depending upon something or just hanging on?

Is there someone or something that gives you support?

If you are dreaming of suicide explore the dream to find answers?

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