Example: ‘Last week I suddenly started having a recurring dream. In it I woke, walked downstairs, went into the kitchen and looked in the kettle. It was full of little fish.’ Karen LBC.

The fact that Karen goes ‘downstairs’, suggests the lower part of her body, and the shape of the kettle, which is a round container, make it likely this dream is about pregnancy.

 Example: Steve, my lover, gave me a copper kettle, same shape as the one John, my husband, took to bits and then never put back for me. I was very happy with the gift.  I saw the kettle was clean, with no dents, not highly polished, but with a homely glow.

Considering that a kettle can indicate a woman’s feeling of wanting to provide a good home for her lover, and also her ability to bear a child, the gift is a symbol of the deep feelings that create love. Unfortunately her ‘lover’ didn’t understand the depth of a woman’s feelings and her put a ‘dent’ in the kettle.

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