Lip Lips

It mostly indicates speech and sharing of intimacy like kissing or licking. As such any problems with the lips would most likely be words that you spoke that are critical or not well intentioned. And also it could in some way indicate your inability to show intimacy well.

 Example: Last night dreamt I was talking to a series of different people (possibly selling them something) and my lip hurt, felt like a small blister on upper lip slightly left of center. Saw it in mirror and it looked like a pustule but would not pop. Continued to talk to more people and then saw it again, it was about the size of a large blueberry but whitish-yellow in color. Tried to squeeze while looking in mirror trying to see a head/weak spot that would burst, there was none. Woke up. If you have time, try to give me some explanation for this.

This is obviously what you have been trying to say/sell about yourself or something that isn’t quite your truth. I do not know what you have been telling people but you will know when you think about it.

 Example: I am in a room with 3 other women. I’m tired. It’s late at night. I sit on a woman’s lap. We are wearing costumes of some kind. She has her arms around me and kisses me. She tries to “French kiss” me. At first, I don’t let her. Then I do. It’s not a French kiss, like with tongues. It’s like touching the core of something. The lips, a regular kiss, were there and in the center, like in the center of a flower, was a moist, tender, and very sensitive to feeling something. We touched “cores.” I felt slightly repelled but allowed it to happen. Something in my mind was assuring me this is O.K. It’s always been forbidden but now it is O.K. and nice to do. It is important to do. She holds me in a caring way.

Example: The vivid part was that the cat spoke to me. It spoke in a rather female voice, very clearly. As it spoke I felt great amazement. I had lots of thoughts about how it had learned language – that it could speak because of human language – what did language do to its mind – and so on. I didn’t reach any conclusions. I noticed as it spoke that it had tiny lips, but they were perfectly formed like a woman’s. They had lipstick on – or at least were red and attractive.

Idioms: a fat lip; a stiff upper lip; button your lip; don’t give me any of your lip; lip; lip off; lips are sealed; none of your lip; read my lips; rented lips; there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip; your lip; lippy.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Were you attracted or repelled by the lips?

Did you want to or did you kiss?

What feelings were involved in the dream?

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-Laura Lynne Watson 2017-05-30 17:42:21

I’ve had a similar dream, not necessarily recurring involving lips. The first time was a young women in all black, thin, black hair & black eyes. She isn’t my preferred physical type but for the first dream she kept walking towards me till her lips were practically touching mine. I backed up & she smiled & walked in more again. I mentally told myself I wasn’t going to back away again & then when she got really close again she leaned in & kissed me. I did a high pitch squeal & grabbed my cheeks with both my hands.
Two nights ago I dreamt of her again but this time I was the one walking towArds her. I only did it once but I stood half an inch from her lips & hers were pursed out & so we’re mine. I never moved in farther tho, we just stood there as she giggled.
Any comments ate welcome & appreciated.

-Kristi 2014-09-01 12:57:04

Last night dreamt I painted my lips, they were foregrounded (like looking in mirror and saw olny lips) I really painted them with painter brush, slowly and several times. But color was not color, it was blood, dark red blood. I did not feel fear, I just colored my lips.

-Jessy 2014-01-29 1:37:31

I had a dream there wer spotlights in the sky and i desperatly told my dad to look at the lights in the sky and i was the only one who could see them

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