Something we have heard; something which is trying to gain ‘a hearing’; how we receive aural information – in one ear and out the other, or is it received and understood?

Also the voice or music of your inner self, usually giving a message that is important to receive. The loudspeaker therefore represents ones greater ability to communicate with ones self. If a group of people are involved or listening, it involves many aspects of your nature, many parts of yourself, so it is an important dream.

 Example: It being dark outside. In the window were displayed a number of colour transparencies that Bill had taken of an artist’s work. They were abstract paintings. On the left a panel of the window was opened and we entered the showroom, looking at the transparencies. Then suddenly a voice spoke from a loudspeaker on the ceiling. It said that we had set of a burglar alarm, and police were on their way. We hurried out the way we came, hoping to escape the police, but as we did so the voice said, “You can’t escape. I have seen you and know what you look like now – that porcelain one with a broken nose.” I knew he was referring to me, and felt he must be watching through a closed-circuit television.

The voice was the voice of the dreamer’s conscience, saying he had done something wrong and couldn’t escape from his feelings of guilt.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I remember what I hear or was doing with the loudspeaker?

Was I working on or mending the loudspeaker?

Did I talk in front of an audience?

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