Sometimes similar to negligee but less sexual in its associations. See Associations Working With; pyjamas

It is often shown in dreams as being not dressed for the occasion.

Example: She says she needs some help from me because she has some health problem. I am wearing only a nightgown and am concerned about how I will walk home.

Example: I get up and light a candle on the dresser across the room. He sits on my bed. I walk back and sit on the bed. I try to get comfortable. I’m wearing a red shorty nightgown. I am aware of his eyes. I know he’d like to get back together again. Every position I get into looks inviting or sexy. He changes his position too. We get closer and closer. A T.V. is on. We both move to watch the T.V. Now we are very close. His shirt is off. He has beautiful golden soft skin. I want to caress it.

It can sometimes it show how vulnerable or hurt you are.

Example: My father / mother said, “don’t you know what’s wrong with her?” as if I should. As this was said I looked over Marie’s shoulder. She was wearing a white nightgown. I could see she was wearing a sanitary pad. It was wet with blood. This was not a normal period – something was wrong. I was naked and exposed – the blood dripping from her on to me.

In some dreams it is connected with meeting a dead person who come to you in a dream.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my relationship with the nightgown in the dream?

What feelings do I experience or are suggested?

Are there sexual feelings involed?

Is the person dead?

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