In a dream may be shown as something you or someone else working on something. Often you are working on a computer. Or is the project something in you – self change you are working on. What are you cooking up inside you, imagining or fantasying is often the beginning of a new project. Occasionally the project is a real expression of yourself that is rewarding.

Does it show you at work at a desk? Is it with a feeling of pleasure or something you are working at/on? Am I at the beginning of a new project or way of life that is still at the seed or embryo stage?

A project might be like plants or plant, your vulnerable growing parts of you that need care and attention to help them grow. So it could equally apply to a new project or aspect of yourself you are working on.

An abandoned or aborted project: Something that you were involved in and had life for you at some time, but is now either in the past, or that you have withdrawn energy or enthusiasm from, or perhaps given up on. It can be an example of one of the functions of dreams, which is to release held back sexuality and emotion. See: alone; functions of dreams; hero/ine.

 A new project: This may often be shown as the birth of a baby, or opening or entering a door you haven’t been in before. It may be a new opportunity is in the dream, or even a different approach that allows you into a new phase of your life. Sometimes a new relationship brings out new opportunities. Often shown as starting building something. We often say, “We will ‘entertain’ a project, relationship or possibility.

A project that could not get under way: May show in your dream as a beached boat, a stranded car. However if you beach the boat and get out, then it shows the end of a journey, project or relationship.  See Create Creative Creativity; Woman’s Creative Power

Fear that a project will not work: A boat or car capsized or crashed. Or the smashing of something you had started to make. A flag at half mast. Fear of miscarriage can mean the loss of new idea, project or growing aspect of self.  Seeing a hearse may represent the death of an idea or project – but sometimes to can be resurrected. See Secrets of Power Dreaming

 Example: This is a major step forward in the projects I am facing, made possible by the new technology. I hesitated in getting on with because its size, but I decided to finish this amazing and ambitious project.

Example: I am in a meeting room with many people.  Some are from IBM and some from the agency.  We are discussing our project.  We have come up with great, innovative ideas but Ed thinks we need to get permission before we can implement them.  I shake my head to the person sitting next to me that permission isn’t necessary.  We should just do it.

Example: I am asked to work for a project, which is led by a small black boy; perhaps he is 6 years old. He would have to teach me how to make a website and I would have to write texts as well to inform the world. At first I did not want to do it, and then I changed my mind and I made a ‘high five’ with the black boy, as a sign of our agreement. Later I tell my partner that this is what I have been waiting for all of my life and that I said no at first, but that I will do it.


Useful questions or hints:

Were you aware of what the project was?

How was the dream presenting it – successful or not?

Was there any advice given or insights about what it would lead to?

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