Root Roots

Your connection with the past, with your family heritage or influences; the things you are tied to by necessity or love; your fundamental physical characteristics as they express in your personality; the aspects of your culture or family ties that you particularly identify with or find connection with.

Roots in dreams represent the hidden and often unconscious links that reach deep into our body and its long past. For our body is an outcrop of the life that began when life began on this earth, and it carries with it ancient memories. The dream roots give us entrance into that long past and what it brings with it into our life today. See The Conjuring Trick 

The root can sometimes indicate the ‘root’ of your biological potential/energy – the root chakra or centre. As such it shows your undifferentiated self – the you rather like an energy, like electricity. that is invisible until it flows into an apparatus/body, which enables it to show part of its enormous potential – movement, feelings, hunger, self-consciousness, etc. It is described as a sleeping, dormant potential force at the base of the spine. It is in its sleeping or dormant state at the base of the spine or trunk and it is pictured as a sleeping snake with seven heads. This part of or segment of the body is where the legs connect, and so can be thought of as the seat of energy or movement. See Energy, Sex and Dreams

We have roots in our digestive system

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