Your ability or need to absorb something, which is probably shown in the dream. But absorption, like eating, does not mean you have digested what you absorbed. See digest

You can be absorbed in something like and idea, a person or a project, which suggests you are fascinated and concentrated on the subject.

Something needs to be or is being absorbed. “Sponge” (one who takes advantage of others, a parasite); “throw in the sponge. ”

Soaking up everything; learning indiscriminately

Sponging off other people Feeling others are sponging off you.

 Example: I was selling a sponge mop to a woman. Now this I imagine is an outgrowth of my Fuller Brush work, but this is definitely not a Fuller mop. I do remember at any rate pointing out the sponge and the quality of its cellulose fibers and all, and how the regular attachment worked and also a hardwood handle that screwed into the mop head. Now this is one feature we do not have on a Fuller mop. She wasn’t saying much, but she acted pleased at the mop. 

Example: Carole, a friend from high school days, tells me to look at him. She says he thinks he is smart sponging off everyone. I try to quiet her. It is now like this is my house and I have decided to let the party continue.

Example: Parenting is an amazing spiritual path, one that encourages you to learn and explore because you want to be at your best because you are this most important person in the lives of these tender young ones. They are these incredible little sponges that absorb so much from everything and everyone in their world. We have far to go in realizing how important the early years are, and how they influence the entire life of every person. You can try to walk away from it, but it is with you nonetheless.

Example:  I had a dream about an elderly neighbour lady (who is also my friend). I was visiting with her and cleaning the kitchen when I looked up and she was taking a sponge bath and ask me to wash her private area. Naturally I refused. Her eyes got big and shiny and she acted as though I had insulted her. I ran for the back door and she was screaming for me to get back and do what she asked. I said no way. She said, “You better not tell anyone about this.” I have never had a dream such as this. What could it mean?

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