Support Supporter

Someone who either supports you emotionally, financially, as a member of a group or club, or even in your life direction or beliefs. A person or a group – a part of your inner life – who give practical help in an emergency, or stand by you when others criticise or attack you. An aspect of you that gives support for a new project or idea, or who works within you.

Dreaming of a baby or child may suggest a need for love, support and care, and it may even represent actual memories of your own baby/child/hood. The baby or child also depict newness, new opportunity, a fresh approach, all which need your support.

Example: The priest was going to question and assault my friend in connection with some opinion he had offended the church with. I went to stand near him to give him moral support, and physical help if necessary. I hated seeing anybody degraded. The priest saw my move and sent three thug type men to shoulder me out. They surrounded me to knock me down. I went berserk and knocked them all over the place with kicks and punches. John P.

See Amulet; Ancestors; Helper; Backer Backing; Base

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