Wireless Radio

What you listen to or hear going on around or inside you. The radio can also be company, or other peoples ‘noise’.

Our sense of what is ‘in the air’ – messages we are picking up from other people or our environment. What we can tune into and find out about possibly intuitively. Broadcasted opinions which are just opinions. See Intuition – Using It

Being on the radio: Feeling valued; having a sense of something worth communicating; actually communicating and reaching a wide audience. It sometimes is an assessment of your ability to reach a bigger audience.

Inside wireless: Your mind, or inside yourself.

Radio station: Although it is a work situation for many people, the dreams I have collected on this are vary varied as the example. So I would suggest you use the Easy Dream Interpretation

 Example: I work for a radio station and am very well endowed in the breasts. I wear a shapeless sweatshirt to cover me up so men won’t stare. They are going to a company party thing at the “farm.” I go inside and then overhear a conversation the men are having about me. One says, “I don’t know if she’s with us or not. I can’t tell if there is a commitment. She seems to not care one way or the other.” I realize this is so, and go to a closet and choose a pretty jacket to wear to the party. Now I look very good and I go out there to join them but all the men stare at my breasts and it makes me very uncomfortable. I get on the piece of shingled roof we are going to fly on with the man, who is like the WKPR radio salesman, a sleaze ball. Barb.

Example: When I did so the movement had begun, and there were green dancing figures all over the wall. They all started from an obscure yet fascinating centre point, full of symbols and movement, and radiated out, dancing and interweaving. There were Indian goddesses with beautiful breasts, lithe figures like green grass, all moving in time to the music from the transistor radio. My hips were also managing a similar timing.

Example: And I heard singing. It was divine singing. It was God singing about his everlasting love, about the immensity of creating it all, about singing, about laughing and living: and I mean living and living, life full, totally in every organ. And the song went on. I heard it as plain as my own voice, every word clear, as clear as the transistor could make, because God was singing it, on the radio. Then the surface shook again, and I knew it was only a great skin covering the one life. No one, nowhere, no time, sang who did not sing as God. No one danced, or fucked, or shit, or did up their shoelace, except that one life did it.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do you listen to on the radio, and does it appear in your dream?

What do you associate with radio programs?

Does what you listen to influence you in any way?

See Inner World – Working with associations – Secrets of Power Dreaming

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