Many people report dreaming of events before they occur. Such foresight is often about problems such as death or illness, but can also be about positive things.

Example: I have dreams that come true. I foresaw the birth of my cousin’s triplets, and named them correctly, when everyone expected twins. I foresaw my father’s death from heart failure two weeks before it happened. At the time of his heart attack – daytime – I kept hearing a phone that didn’t exist ring, and knew it was to call me to him. A.

Such dreams portray us as like fingers. We move about independently, and believe we have nothing to do with the other fingers and are different to the toes. But when we take our awareness below the surface, we discover a great body of mind and experience that links us all. This one life behind our separate lives, seems to know a great deal about the unconscious state of our body and personality. See Summing Up; Inner Path

Love and care links us with this knowledge, so occasionally we see where someone’s life is taking them. It is better called foresight than prediction. Some people feel afraid of the experience, but those who touch it deeply have an awareness of great love for all living things, and a sense of existing always. See esp in dreams; precognition.


-Rachel 2014-12-27 23:32:37

The links to other types of dreams e.g. on this page ‘Foreseeing’ –precognition and prophetic dreams are broken links–just goes to blank web page.

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    Rachel – Thank you so much for telling me about the broken links. I have now corrected them, although the prophetic dreams entry has not been fully finished so I have deleted it.


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