A Sudden Insight

A sudden insight here about choices. I saw that each of us in our decision-making are quantum probability generators. This is especially so in choices about how we handle our sexuality and reproductive functions. The choice to have or not to have a child, to bear or to abort, alter the very future. On those moments of decision whole new futures are built or destroyed. The moment of decision is an unbelievable point of flux. Around that moment infinite possibilities surge. They break through into moving toward reality, or they are pushed back and remain a mere potential. If we could actually view this as a process we would witness an astounding play of energies and possibilities. And often, we, in our ignorance, play with these mighty forces as if they were games to be amused by, or simple sensory pleasures that can be used without any consequence in our lives or in the loves of others.

Returning to communicating with all those taking this path, I say that at times strange experiences and powers will come into your life. But they will disappear again as mysteriously as they came. That is the way that life works. You will except that if you have surrendered your being to life and its processes and seasons. You will not force those issues or act them out as if you are a special and great being. We should not attempt to be in control of this process any more than we should attempt to completely control nature. Work with it and understand it certainly, but it is folly to feel that we control it will can use it for our own commercial interests. It is to be loved, respected and cooperated with.

Let us not condone this way of life that sees us as merely statistics and units to be moved by advertising and other subtle pressures. Let us not buy into it by purchasing these lumps of farmed meat; chicken breasts from animals that have no natural life and whose normal cycles have been manipulated for sales and production. The profit motive unfortunately taints even those areas that attempt to be organic and to care for the land. It is a huge dilemma live in the midst of such forces acting upon us. Unfortunately we are moving toward the possibility of a domino effect. Everything is working fine at one moment; everything is standing up and in order; but then suddenly the last supporting block of the intricacies in life is tipped and the whole structure begins to tumble.

The domino effect could happen. Nature is only after protecting itself, it is not trying to make a profit. The profit motive is so built into many people that they cannot understand something that doesn’t have the same drive. If you imagine a woman who knock somebody down or even kills them and doesn’t run off with their wallet or their goods, the police force and most people would find it difficult to understand her motives. Can you imagine it? “But, she didn’t take their wallet! She is not trying to buy a new car – how come?”

Pawns 3  If you think about it; if you think about a woman’s body, every little bit of it is claimed by a commercial interest. 

From the moment she is born the commercial interests say, “She he is ours!” It is strange that that we can’t see how we have locked nature in, trying to own it and gain a profit from it in every way we possibly can. The huge corporations and political organisations carefully design your food, your education, your hormones to move you toward exactly what they want you to be.

How do we detoxify ourselves from something that is so permeating our lives? How do we detoxify ourselves from our own society? That is a problem! How do we discover who we actually are outside of all those influences? Now, there is a paradox!

Part of the question is, who are you going to elect as your new leader? Are they are genetically engineered being – engineered by the hormones they have been pumped full of, they food additives they have eaten all their life, the profit motive paradigm they have been reared in – engineered to maintain the status quo?

Ask yourself, whose interests are they serving?

Feeling these feelings, exploring these issues, meeting these very powerful influences arising from deep within me, the question I asked myself is, am I crazy?! Am I crazy, or am I just waking up?

I am pro life. I don’t want parasites hanging on my back. I want to give my blood to my children, not to the parasites. I know I have a thing about, or feelings against, cigarettes and alcohol will stop I see them as very obvious ways that some of the big guys behind the corporations lead people toward a dependency that leeches away in the will for advantages that they might begin to build up for themselves. But I don’t need to stand on a street corner this claiming cigarettes and alcohol.

Pawns 2 If you wake up you will see those things for yourself. With eyes open you will see how so many people are trying to lead you by your fears, by your dreams, by your sexual drive. 

Ask yourself, where are they leading me? Basically they are leading you toward spending your money and putting it into their account. It is possible to say no. It is possible to make your own sexual decisions. It is possible to learn how to deal with your fear response, your fight or flight instincts.

You can have your own sexual identity. Why not clarify it now? Who are you? Why let somebody else steal it? You would be angry and active if somebody stole your credit card or your cheque-book. How can you let them steal your real inner identity?

It isn’t just your money for your credit card they are after. Those are simply the small crooks. The big boys and girls are after You. You are the spender. You are their main quarry. It is yours genitals, your breasts, your urges that they want to control.

How can we be invulnerable to this virus? Well, we could learn to control our own panic and fear reactions. We could learn to direct more fully our own nervous system. Perhaps we need a handbook. We need a virus survival pack.

Perhaps I need to propose this to some organisation who will take this up – maybe friends of the earth.

“From birth onwards we will control you. We want to make sure you develop in the right way. We will genetically and hormonally engineer you so you support our companies.”

“You must eat the correct foods, because we have added personality altering chemicals to them, then you will believe everything we say.”

Oh dear!

“Repeat after me – It is true that the President is infallible. Let me press that suggestion deeper into your subliminal mind. Be a loyal and sincere citizen. Salute the flag.”

“Whoops. Who is that over there who is not saluting. Take her to one side.”

“Oh, what’s happening to them? Can we have a close-up shot of what you are doing to them? Can we let the camera see what happens to this dissenter?”

“Oh my God, they have a mind of their own. That can’t be allowed.”

“Gosh, is that unusual?”

Strange that this little Joe off the street might be more pronouncedly a real person than the President.

Super, super, super, super, super, super hero. If this magnificent presidential superhero did not have his voice magnified so many times and blasted at us at every opportunity, it is doubtful if we would even take him seriously. Somehow they have simply got plugged in to the system.

I suppose we need to find the engineers behind the action of plugging in this guy. Who is it that has actually pole vaulted him into this situation? Or maybe the question is, who is paying the engineers?

Aha, it’s a bank. How interesting. How many customers have they got, and how much economic influence have they in the US?

Well, I would never have believed it. Gosh, they have a major influence on a large proportion of voters. I would never have believed that! Would you? Would you have actually believed that? Would you have believed that the puppeteer is a bank with major economic influence? Who would have thought it? I just wonder what particular things, what interests, that bank has invested in. Of course they would never ever get the President to direct the nation because of those interests. That would be unthinkable!

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