Mike Tanner – Running LifeStream Centre


Mike Tanner who was in at the beginning of LifeStream in 1972 has opened a centre in Bantry, Ireland

Donemark, Bantry, County Cork, Ireland

The group runs every Monday at 4pm at Donemark Mill

Contact information is

Tel: 353 0275 1877 – para@eircom.net

What is LifeStream? Carl Jung said that within each of us are resources of information and wisdom which are usually overlooked. He called this aspect of human experience The Transcendent Function. People who were able to work with this function, he said, experienced meaningful change from negative feelings and attitudes to more inclusive and positive ones. Often they found healing of physical ills too.

Leslie Kenton in writing about it said, “It is a ritual of movement discovered and then developed over many years by yoga and dream expert Tony Crisp and Mike Tanner. It is a form of spontaneous movement which is wrought with meaning. Instead of being imposed on your body from without, in a mechanical way, it arises naturally from within. Indeed LifeStream is not so much a ritual of movement as a ritual of allowing movement to take place. It is a remarkable tool for eliminating long-term tensions, for realigning the body and for building that essential bridge between one’s inner being and its authentic outer expression – a bridge which I believe to be absolutely necessary to lasting health and beauty. Crisp himself is wont to say that the ultimate purpose of LifeStream is simply ‘to touch the beauty that is within one, to own it, and to allow its free expression’. In the process, LifeStream regularly, say once or twice a week for an hour, tends to uncover whatever conflicts exist between ones inner and outer being, to free energy and vitality which has been locked into such conflicts, and to slowly, organically, begin to put things right through your movements and postures.



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