Ain’t that lovin?

We were up to our arses in that swamp, reaching into the water to get at them tender shoots.

Then of a sudden we both put our heads up and looked at each other like we ain’t never seen one another before. An we neither of us had a stitch of clo’s on, an my eyes went straight to that thatch of fine hair you have over the holy place – as if I hadn’t seen it a thousan time – and I sure as hell felt like worshipping there and then.

Then my eyes lit on what a fine big belly you have, and a wondrous lot of warm flesh. That fire lit up in me and I’m sure steam was comin off me. An I saw the fire come burnin up through you too – and we jest fell at each other laughin and grabbin, kissin and creating one hell of a mess of noise and gigglin. I could feel your wonderful great tits like huge warm places of love on my chest.

An after that hell broke loose like a prairie fire burnin right inside of us, till we never were there anymore.

Now – ain’t that lovin?

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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