I knew she wanted to be with me last night, so I left

the door to my bedroom ajar. The night air was warm,

and I was barely settled into bed before I heard the

soft footfalls of her bare feet slowly crossing the

tiled floor.


She murmured something quietly as she drew near, in a

language I only vaguely understand. I believe she was

greeting me and saying she wanted to be near.


Then, with movements I could barely sense, she was on

the bed, and slipping under the covers near me.


Sometimes when she comes to me in the night she wants

to talk, or express her pleasure. But last night she

was silent, and we slept with barely a movement until

I heard one of the many bell towers in San Miguel

signal six-o-clock. Then, perhaps because of my own

slight movement in reaching out for her, she began the

wonderful double beat of her purring. Nekko is a very

unusual cat.

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