I threw myself into yoga at an early age. I didn’t go to classes or seek and guru in the East, but found several within me, who spoke and taught. I was desperate to find the experience of enlightenment, so I wasn’t interested in what I call ‘class yoga’. So I did some very strage things, like learning to swallow my tongue. Having found my way to that experience I can look back on my first book, Yoga and Relaxation, with a feeling there is so much I would like to add to it; perhaps in another book.

The Chakras – Part 4

Throughout the ages, when men and women have surrendered their conscious hold on themselves, an inner power has often arisen and caused them to tremble, shake or feel strong vibrations through their being. Edgar Cayce advised a man who had begun to tremble when reading ‘Varieties of Religious Expe...More

The Chakras – Part 3

I had, in brief, gradually gone backwards through my life, sorting out the tangles, and eventually regressing to the life in the womb. As it happened, I realised this was not life in my mother’s womb, but in the cosmic womb. In other words, I had descended to the most basic or fundamental level o...More

The Chakras – Part 1

Just before the First World War, Dr. W. J. Kilner of St. Thomas’s Hospital, London, spent years researching human radiations. Everybody is aware of radiations emanating from other people. If we place our hands close to them, we can feel heat. Sound and smell are two other widely experienced radiat...More

Secret Teachings of Tibet

So searchingly do they lay bare our human conceits and desires, that many people find such teachings unacceptable. There are, of course, the obviously scientific statements that deal with the phenomenal and intangible world. “Movement”, they say, “constitutes the objects which appear to us-the...More

Shaktipat- The Indian Way to Enlightenment

The Sanscrit word ‘shakti’ means energy, bio-energy, or more correctly, bio- cosmic energy. Shaktipat is a practice which is described as the loosening of this energy by a guru from the way it may be blocked in us. When this shakti energy is loosened and no longer tightly bound by the control of...More

Aurobindo and Integral Yoga

During the early part of this century another great figure, in a field other than psychology, was exploring what resulted from consciousness opening to the self-regulating ‘evolutionary energy’. Writing and working from the dual standpoint of an Eastern yogi and Western thinker Aurobindo explain...More

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