I threw myself into yoga at an early age. I didn’t go to classes or seek and guru in the East, but found several within me, who spoke and taught. I was desperate to find the experience of enlightenment, so I wasn’t interested in what I call ‘class yoga’. So I did some very strage things, like learning to swallow my tongue. Having found my way to that experience I can look back on my first book, Yoga and Relaxation, with a feeling there is so much I would like to add to it; perhaps in another book.

In Tune with Infinity

So the Karma Yogi looks out upon his experiences as the great book of life, unveiling to him the mystery of his own being. while as he reads the secrets of life, he allows what he has learnt of THAT, to come into his life and transform it. Thus the hidden acts upon the revealed, transmuting the base...More

The Yoga of Love

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp The Yoga of Love – Bhakti Yoga – Chapter 7 Devotional exercises are like the warmth that makes the unwieldy block of ice fit the jug. The water and […]...More

Yoga of the Mind

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp Raja Yoga – Yoga of the Mind = Chapter 8 Just as the growing seedling cannot respond to the light until its formed leaves are thrust above ground; so […]...More

The Master

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp The lives of some of the great spirits of our own times – Chapter 9 The whole of this book is an introduction to these last chapters. Yet in […]...More

Teachings of the Masters

Then there is no need to give him knowledge but simply to remove the veil of ignorance that hides the existent Knowledge. This, of course, is not to be done at one stroke, since the disciple is immersed in age-old ignorance and needs repeated instruction, perhaps through life after life. And what is...More

Helpful Addresses for Yoga

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp Helful Addresses for Yoga – Chapter 11 Organised bodies teaching various aspects of Yoga: Teachers Ramakrishna Ramana Maharshi The Theosophical Society in England 50 Gloucester Place, London W1H 4EA. […]...More

Helpful Yoga Books

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp Helpful Yoga Books – Chapter 12 The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James Zen in the Art of Archery, Eugen Herrigel Mysticism, Evelyn Underhill Search in Secret India. Paul […]...More

The Squatting and Standing Meditation

When ready take an in-breath and slightly open the head and shoulders backwards. Then on the out-breath drop down into the squatting position, relaxing as much as possible. If the squat is difficult use a block of wood or a book to put your heels on. If it is still difficult use a low chair or stool...More

Yoga and Japan Part 2

"Back in Kanazawa I stayed writing nearly day and night for not to burst, because the experience of that night exploded in me like a volcano. When I had almost written all out of me I recognised this was like an inner experience of the beginning of the Ten Ox herding Pictures: searching for the ox.....More

Yoga in Japan Part 1

I was amazed and somewhat bewildered by the time the three sessions had ended. Each of them had exhibited exactly the same life situation - lack of emotional pleasure and warmth in their marriage. Obviously I had met this in European men and women, but never so stereotyped....More

The Chakras – Part 2

In the past, God was largely ‘owned’ by the priests. The man in the street was threatened, warned, told and talked to about God, but in Western culture, neither he nor it seems the priests, seldom ever experienced that which they were talking about. When religious authorities were trying to stam...More

Yoga On A Greek A Greek Island

It's six forty-five in the morning. Light is filtering through the wall of the bamboo hut I live in and the sound of goat bells reach across the stillness of dawn. The sun is not yet above the forested hills of Skyros to the East, but another day has begun for me on this Greek island....More

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