I threw myself into yoga at an early age. I didn’t go to classes or seek and guru in the East, but found several within me, who spoke and taught. I was desperate to find the experience of enlightenment, so I wasn’t interested in what I call ‘class yoga’. So I did some very strage things, like learning to swallow my tongue. Having found my way to that experience I can look back on my first book, Yoga and Relaxation, with a feeling there is so much I would like to add to it; perhaps in another book.

Problems in Pregnancy – 8

Yoga and Childbirth – Chapter 8 This chapter will deal simply with methods of diet, and exercise, that can be used to cure or minimise some of the problems women face in pregnancy. Acidity If little […]...More

Childlessness – 9

Yoga and Childbirth – Chapter 9 Looking at the conditions of some women who have been unable to have children, and who have never adopted any, one can see childlessness can have an extraordinary influence. The […]...More

Yoga and Relaxation

I had been teaching yoga to hundreds of people in the early sixties, and saw there was a need for a book that covered all major aspects of Yoga in a compact form. I approached Collins in the UK but they rejected the idea. I wrote to them again suggesting they just look at a sample chapter. They then...More

Introduction – Yoga and Relaxation

If we wish to improve the health of our body, the balance of our emotions, the function of our mind, or even the realisation of our spiritual qualities, where can we begin? The beginning of any enterprise is of great importance. This is because results are likely to develop in direct proportion to t...More

Yoga Stretches

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp Stretches – The foothills of Yoga – Chapter 1 STRETCHING ASANA Easy pose Sukhasana:(Illus. no. 1) Method (a) Sit cross-legged on floor, each foot under opposite calf. (b) Spine […]...More

Yoga Diet and Cleansing

Another reason for vegetarianism is that some Yoga practices aim at cleansing the system, and gradually bringing the body to a peak of efficiency and sensitivity. Taking the analogy of the pool again, even if we managed to calm the surface, we could not see into the deep if mud and dirt were suspend...More


Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp Relaxation is an Art – Karma Yoga Chapter 3 To be relaxed is a blessed thing. It is reminiscent of a beautiful ship riding easily through the roughest seas. […]...More

Finding Wholeness

Looking around, we can see the truth of this in a thousand ways. Earth or matter is negative or receptive to light. Together they manifest colour. Electricity has a negative and positive polarity which only in unity produces a result. Movement, acting upon inert matter, also produces sound....More

Breath Control

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp Breath Control – Pranayama Chapter 5 Many writers on the subject of breath control start off by showing how breathing is linked with emotions, thought activity, heartbeat, even digestion. […]...More

In Tune with Infinity

So the Karma Yogi looks out upon his experiences as the great book of life, unveiling to him the mystery of his own being. while as he reads the secrets of life, he allows what he has learnt of THAT, to come into his life and transform it. Thus the hidden acts upon the revealed, transmuting the base...More

The Yoga of Love

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp The Yoga of Love – Bhakti Yoga – Chapter 7 Devotional exercises are like the warmth that makes the unwieldy block of ice fit the jug. The water and […]...More

Yoga of the Mind

Yoga and Relaxation – Tony Crisp Raja Yoga – Yoga of the Mind = Chapter 8 Just as the growing seedling cannot respond to the light until its formed leaves are thrust above ground; so […]...More

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