Bead Beads

A single bead might suggest isolation. While a string of beads could refer to your connection with other people. See: Ball.

Beads can represent linked events, memories of past events or people. Perhaps an attitude you use to help yourself feel more attractive or confident. Feelings connected with things you value.

Beads are often used for prayer in some countries, as in Greece, in Buddhism and with the rosary. So the bead or beads might represent your attitude of mind in prayer, or what you meet from prayer or meditation. They might therefore indicate precious things you find in yourself. See: jewels jewellery.

When used for meditation it could mean you are concentrating your thoughts and therefore making your aim more powerful – rather like magnifying glass focusing the suns rays.

Beads are one of the earliest forms of jewellery worn by women and men, and I see them as ‘women’s magic’. For instance if a woman saw a pretty stone and hung it round her neck it would attract attention and make her more noticed and desirable. The same applies to men also. It is a simple magic but effective.

Beads can also often be seen as representing past lives, and the image is often used when talking about reincarnation, that our present personality is simply one bead on a whole string of beads.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this simply an ornament helping me to feel more attractive, or is it something precious?

Are there particular memories connected with this?

Do I feel this is an ancient or buried object from the long past?

What do I feel or say if I imagine myself as the beads(s)? For help doing this see Stand in Role and Using your Intuition.

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