If it is a ball game, the ball may depict something about a personal or group relationship and what is going on, the back and forward or interactions shown in the dream. Or it might represent competition and ways to win or play the game or life, love or business, with skill. The ball can also stand for wholeness.

A ball represent wholeness, an ‘all round’ view or a rounded character.

Ball: Interaction between two people, sexual and otherwise – the ‘ball’ is in your court – in that throwing the ball may show someone trying to get ones attention and response.

Ball games or being thrown a ball: Challenges, prowess, competition in the game of life; having and letting go; sex play; masturbation; a man’s ‘balls’; a way of moving toward personal wholeness.

Balls: As in men’s testicles

Idioms: Have a ball; ball at ones feet; ones eye on the ball; start the ball rolling; new ball game; play ball with someone; he has/hasn’t the balls. See: the self under archetypes; games.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are you doiong with the ball?

Is there interaction with it of another person?

Do you feel any feelings or competition?

Use Talking As to help define what the ball is about.

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