Chain Chained Chains

Very often a chain depicts restriction of some sort. The restriction might be in the form of dependence upon someone, or it might be in the form of imposed constraint. We might feel ‘chained’ to our marriage partner or work, or we may be chained by mental attitudes or habits. See: example in abandoned.

Chains have not only been imposed on prisoners, but also slaves, to stop them escaping. Women working in the sex trade often wore a chain around their ankle, and this probably has links with past servitude also.

A chain can be used to show strength or a powerful or even protective force. In this sense the image may suggest a serious of events – links – which lead to the present situation. Or the dream might point to the links in the chain – a connection broken by breaking any one of the links, or that is broken by a weak link.

Example: ‘My Mother asked me to go and buy some butter for her. A chain on my left leg prevented me from going very far. I look down the road and see my Mum, Dad and my four brothers in the back of a car. I wave and call and they drive right past me, going over the chain I am wearing on my leg.’ Lorraine. LBC.

Lorraine’s dream illustrates not only her feelings of being left out of family life, but also the chain on her leg shows her not fully independent.

Jewellery chains obviously suggest something different, and have been used from the beginning of human history. Originally they were probably seen as a form of magic. In other words, if a woman wore a certain ornament it made her more attractive to men. Of if a man wore something that his fellows didn’t have, it made others respect or notice him. So it was felt the chain was a form of magic. This type of ‘magic’ is still used by men and women today, helping people to feel more confident in their relationships and undertakings. As happens with people wearing a St. Christopher or a cross on a chain.

Chains have also been used to denote an official social position, and so might depict authority in some form.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the chain in my dream doing – is it a restriction or a link with something?

Is this suggesting strength, if so what does it refer to in my life?

What am I chained to or dependent upon?

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