It suggests a passive, relaxed attitude or inactivity. It can indicate receptivity or openness or even escapism – escapism if you regularly sit in a chair to read or watch TV as a form or escapism.

If it is your chair it probably represent your rights or position. If you are relaxed in the chair maybe you need to rest or relax.

Putting things under a chair might be like sweeping things under the carpet – getting them out of sight or unnoticed.

A chair can be a place you have stayed in for years, attitudes, feelings, harboured anger that you have not moved out of.

Example: I called out to one person not to go because it looked dangerous, but she ran off. I stayed in that chair for twenty years. When I decided to come down, I was fifty years old and all of that activity was over. I had no emotions, and when I went down, it looked quite a distance. Before I went down, I had to get out of the chair, which was on a shaky and narrow balcony. I needed some help to get out of the chair.


Placing of chair in group: Sense of status or importance.

Wheelchair: An in-valid situation; a sense of weakness or illness.

If pushing someone else: Seeing self as carrying an invalid part of you.

Baby’s high chair: This could mean you are acting as a child, not being responsible or not in control.

Standing on a chair: A need for care, because it might indicate an unsafe position.


Example: At the end of the promenade was a path which we took. The path went along the top of a cliff. The sea below was pretty rough, a typical Autumn day at the seaside. All of a sudden the path came to an end and there was a steep slope to the right which led down to the beach, I decided to turn right and go down the slope. When we got half way down the slope the path started to give way on the left and I found myself without enough room for the four wheels of the wheelchair. I was desperately holding on, tilting the wheelchair to the right to keep it balanced on the two right wheels when my husband got panicky in the chair and moved. The chair tilted to the left and fell down the rocks. I started running down the path towards the beach, towards my husband and the wheelchair. I never reached the wheelchair or my husband because I awoke and that was the end of the dream. ‘ Mrs C.

Example: ‘I was in a house that I lived in many years ago, how I got there I do not know, but I saw myself sitting in an ordinary chair just behind the closed front street door. It was very quiet, and I was afraid, but I did not make any effort to move.’ Ms J.

Idioms: grab a chair; have a chair; musical chairs; play musical chairs; shuffle the chairs on the deck.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I doing in relation to the chair?

Is it another person in or using the chair? See Characters and People in Dreams

Was it a chair I know? See Associations Working with

Try using Acting on your dreamSecrets of Power Dreaming


-Saira 2012-03-21 23:34:02

I dreamt that I walked into a room and saw a dark colored wooden rocking chair that does not rock on it’s own. I had to turn a handle that was build in the side of the chair to rock back and forth. I kept rocking in the rocking chair till it started to fall apart.
This saddens me greatly because I love rocking chairs! When I was babysat my nanny always put me on a rocking chair and since then, I never stopped rocking – even if the chair I was sitting in was not a rocking chair. As you can inmagine, this has caused for great concern – but I never stopped rocking.

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