Is one of the basic foods for may people. It is a healthy and nutritious food, but for many people such as vegans and those on diets, may have negative associations. See Associations Working With; food

Example: My father and I were looking over the house of my childhood thinking of buying it. It had been extended since we lived there – mostly outbuildings adjoining the back of the house – but it was all in bad repair. Also, three thousand pounds was being asked, and we thought the price was high. I looked in one of the outbuildings. There were lots of chickens, and because nobody lived there, lots of eggs had accumulated. Also there was a milk from a cow or goats. I thought a lot of cheese and yoghurt could be made with all the spare milk, but still the price seemed high.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is cheese something you like or avoid?

What were you doing in relation to the cheese?

Do you have any feelings in connection with the dream action?

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