Change Adaptation

Indications of great personal change are shown in dreams of earthquakes, or tsunamis, storms, of meeting with a great woman or man, an angel or Christ like figure; an initiation; or meeting with death or something that is usually seen as terrifying that you often meet with fear, but are tremendous natural forces within you that are trying to change you.

Each of us are immersed in a ‘river’ of constant change. If you think about it you have been carried, pushed, impelled by this current as you were moved through babyhood, childhood, teenage and adulthood. And as we passed through these changes we died to our old self in order to change to the new. It is the current of Life. This current then carries us on through middle age and old age, Then through the gates of death. All the time we are faced by decisions, and each decision directs us on a different path, helping to create our future. And this is a force of growth and change; and is fought like hell by many as we are afraid of such changes, especially getting old and facing death.

Other things might be that you have a vision or a voice of someone you can’t see giving you advice. If you see in a dream or vision like experience a great circle or mandala it is also a sign or change you are facing.

None of these are signs of difficult change. That is because dreams are like a mirror of that inner world – and in your dream you can see only what YOU have created, a world that might scare you silly, uplift you, instruct you, initiate you into new realms of yourself or even look deep into your body. Whatever you believe in is the world you live in, for belief, whether it is belief that ‘life’s a bitch and then you die’, or that that you creat your own future by your actions will  be shown in the mirror of your dreams, So why not let go of the prison walls you may have created and live in a world of possibilities? See Magic Mirror of Dreams – Makes Inner

Dreams of shipwreck, or car crashes and awful storms at sea or through wind are also signs of change that need to be met with understanding. See Avoid Being Victims

Remember that fundamentally you are a survivor – you were the survivor of millions of sperms. You have survived so far and have in you the power to meet whatever life brings. See Life’s Little Secrets

Change Means Swinging

Change means moving or swinging from one long established way of thinking and living to something new. Sometimes the swing from one to the other makes you feel as if you have lost the security of the old way and have not reached the new, so are left uncertain and without any clear sense of what is happening. If you understand this it helps you to feel more sure swinging in space.

Computer Games

Dreams are like computer games in which you get very involved and face monsters and kill or be killed and nothing has actually happened – you are still alive and unhurt. But in this wonderfully alive virtual reality of your dreams we are all playing the game of life – the game we play in which we face or run away from the things that scare us; in which we explore the depths of our existence or learn how to love – or simply meet a reflection of our own weakness, terror and of course the wonder of your inner genius. For that is all it is – a magic mirror in which we see ourselves naked of pretense.

So use your dreams and play them instead of running away. Face change as the great opportunity and use it as a skill.

Adaptation or being able to adapt to change is one of the great abilities that our species learnt.

“It is an understandable fact that throughout all anthropological studies man has been found to look for an answer and meaning to life and to escape from or adapt to hostile internal or external environment with the aid of drugs. Throughout the many thousands of years of evolution, a number of adaptations had to be made in order to allow man to integrate the various stimuli and to develop a system which would enable him to remain alive and reproduce himself and to function as a social unit.

New areas of the brain had to be developed not only to integrate, but also to inhibit primitive, survival-orientated impulses and to enable him to store stimuli and act on them later. It is this ability to defer action and to act in a purposeful and objective rather than in an instinctive way that distinguishes the well-integrated man from the child, the primitive man or the neurotic.

As man’s awareness of himself as a separate character developed, new problems arose out of the need to identify, without which he could not sense the needs of others, and without which he could not feel personal guilt. The awareness of oneself as a separate individual and the creation of anxiety which had to be coped with rationally, created the need of a secondary process by which the individual can learn to cope effectively with internal and external threats. Thus we can reconcile the idea of the ego-formation and the physical idea of inhibition.” See Life’s Little Secrets

 Example: I recall this historical building with a river beside it and I was with this man who was wading his way across the river with a spear or pole he was using to check the depth as he moved. Suddenly the spear went deep and he caught something and pulled it up. It was a metal plug to a drain that looked like a giant thimble. The river began draining into a tunnel or basement area of the building. I somehow knew that the water would reveal some sort of treasure in the building in an area that was hidden before. I then looked upstream and I saw a wide and beautiful view of the river as it flowed toward us and there was a waterfall and hundreds of large rocks that were all very smooth and rounded from being in the river. The rocks were scattered all the way up the river and even in the waterfall. Some of the rocks were even moving down through the drain into the tunnel below. I then noticed how the drain plug had been blocking the flow of the river to this underground place for a long time and I knew that it had been put there by men.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Remember that fundamentally you are a survivor – you were the survivor of millions of sperms. You have survived so far and have in you the power to meet whatever life brings.

What great changes have you faced?

How about the change at birth or teenage?

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