To dream of Christmas can mean different things to different people. For some it is a time for presents and pleasure (mostly children); for some it is a time to overindulge and a time to play sexual games, or have time off work. For some it is a time of rejoicing in the birth in our lives of the spirit of Christ.

Dreams nearly always have an inner message for us and so are worth exploring. The message is usually about how our outer self is relating to our core self, and so dreams about Christmas are probably a comment about that. See Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

Example: Was in a shop I used to work in and met the sister of a guy I knew from working with him. I asked her how her brother was, and what he was doing, but her answers were evasive. She then asked me to visit their house at Christmas, where I took it, I could have an affair with her.

Here the theme of the dream is the hope for sex, although the dreamer was married. But it wasn’t particulary about sex but about love. His wife was not a very loving person.

Example: I see our Bishop. He is mopping the floor! He is very diligently at work, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Much to my surprise, he is dressed in blue denim cut-offs and a black, turtleneck sweater-uncharacteristic dress for a bishop, to say the least! As I walk up to him he stops his mopping and props an elbow on the mop handle, signalling that he is ready to give me all his attention. I sense a new warmth emanating from him. I have rolls of an IBM print-out that I am very eager for him to see. They contain lists of names and numbers. I draw his attention to a married woman who is working with a group of children in a corner of the room. She works frequently in parish-related activities. I remind the Bishop that she and others like her spend much of themselves in spreading the Gospel, that often they shame those of us who call ourselves “religious.” She is simply a wife and a mother, a thorough Christian, going about the work of witnessing to the spirit of Christ. He agrees with me and admits that there is much to be examined. He clasps my hand and a wonderful sense of unity with him on all levels at once is conveyed to me.

The Bishop was presented in the dream in a setting and role very different from that of his everyday reality. There is much mutual respect but our vision of the Church, especially the role of women in the Church, often differs. The warmth in the dream was what affected me the most. I believe it was my own femininity demanding its place in the Church.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did I feel in the dream – indifference, wonder, criticism?

Am I relating to Christmas as someone who has no belief in themselves?

What was I doing in the dream?

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